How Borbonese achieved PR success through an inspiring influencer Christmas campaign


Borbonese & Launchmetrics

Borbonese, the historic Italian bags & accessories brand founded in 1910, was set to launch a new bag model, the Dunette. However, various Covid complications ncessitated that the team alter their marketing roadmap. Resultantly, the brand came to the solution of combining two essential moments: the Dunette product launch and the seasonal peak of Christmas shopping. This culminated in the initiative of an early Santa campaign, to be launched in November 2020. In this case study we show how the brand was able to achieve PR success for this campaign using launchmetrics software.

Borbonese's Challenge

The main goal of Borbonese's early Santa campaign was to drive product and brand awareness to the Dunette bag launch and capitalize on the annual boost in consumer spending around Christmas. However, the campaign was not during the traditional Christmas marketing December time period. The brand therefore chose to catch consumers by surprise with their early Christmas initiative, centring the campaign around a modernized Santa on a Vintage Vespa showcasing the new Dunette bag. In order to ensure campaign success, the team sought to drive more awareness amongst the press and customers via collaborations with specific influencers. It was therefore essential to the brand to accurately track the performance of the campaign and the ROI each collaboration achieved.

The Solution

Borbonese teamed up with Launchmetrics and implemented Discover software. In using Discover, the team was able to achieve a strategic overview of their campaign, analyzing the different influencers’ coverage and performance. The team was also able to ensure better control over the quality and quantity of the Dunnette collection mentions by having clear visibility of the campaign's coverage overseas and across social platforms.

The Result

  • Identified MIV® growth and placements from collaborating Influencers for their launch
  • Saved 3 hours daily using Launchmetrics instead of manually searching for campaign press mentions
  • Gained greater visibility in overall brand performance, ensuring all media and campaign plans were measurable

"Using Launchmetrics, It's kind of like having the world at your fingertips, quick and holistic. We would recommend Launchmetrics to our partners and the companies we work with as it is a intuitive and comprehensive tool that helps and supports us on a daily basis."

Head of Communications at Borbonese

Launchmetrics Solution Discover

Brand Borbonese

Industry Fashion and Accesories

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