How DLX transformed from a local agency to an international ally for fashion & beauty brands

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DLX & Launchmetrics

DLX is an international lifestyle agency that specializes in PR, digital strategies and events for fashion and beauty brands. Their main driving objective is to be an ally to brands working with the fashion & beauty industries, through providing high quality services their clients can rely on.

DLX's Challenge

In 2018, DLX opened a new office in New York and for the team it was imperative to continue to provide their signature high quality service as they continued to grow and expand their agency. Practically, this meant that for DLX it was important to incorporate more digitalized processes, in order to keep up with the wider digitalization happening within the fashion and beauty industries and continue to provide their clients with the services they needed.

The Solution

The team leveraged Launchmetrics Samples + Events to help scale and digitalize their operations, while still being able to create unique experiences for their clients. From editorial photoshoots to the preparation of launch events, every day was a commitment to achieve excellence for client campaigns, and technology helped make this possible. For DLX, this meant that the agency was able to grow into a global agency through the implementation of more streamlined and efficient processes.

Traditional PR has evolved and it’s become more focused on digital, and us as an agency - we need to keep up with that fast pace.

Wassim Saliba, DLX Agency Founder