How Fenwick increased productivity and profitability through samples management


Fenwick & Launchmetrics

Fenwick, a UK based mega-retailer, offers a wide range of products & services from high-end fashion to luxury lifestyle necessities. Encompassing over 500 brands worldwide, Fenwick places global fashion in the hands of England’s elite shoppers.

Fenwick's Challenge

Fenwick used a manual process along with an Excel sheet to track and manage samples. As a result, the team faced the challenge of data loss, as at times the Excel file became corrupt. Whatsmore, it was also difficult to locate samples that may have been returned or on loan due to the lack of a unified secure digital system. This equated to potential stock loss, along with missed press and sales opportunities.

The Solution

Launchmetrics Samples platform allowed Fenwick to digitalize their process and create a virtual sample space. This increased productivity throughout the business, as it gave Fenwick a reliable system that was both automated and secure. Among the company’s various departments, each needed samples based on a diverse set of demands and the Samples software now allows each department to share access while keeping all samples organized in a single location. This also ensured a growth in profitability as all departments could now locate samples for press opportunities.

The Result

  • Increased productivity by locating samples faster
  • Reduced missed opportunities by organizing sample requests
  • Optimized sample send-out & returns processes

“Launchmetrics helped me give my team what they need, to give the press what they request. It’s really important that my team has the ability to give the press what they request right away, seamlessly, quickly.”

Head of Marketing & Communications for Fenwick Bond Street

Launchmetrics Solution Samples

Brand Fenwick

Industry Fashion

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