How Harper's Measured Their Media Impact at Women of the Year 2016


Harper's Bazaar & Launchmetrics

Harper's Bazaar is one of the leading women's fashion magazines founded in 1867. The magazine is published by Hearst and distributed globally. Harper's Bazaar hosts the Women of the Year awards every year, which celebrates the most succesful and influential women to date. With these awards, the publication seeks to enhance the power of women in the fashion industry.

Harper's Bazaar's Challenge

The awards ceremony aims not only to highlight the achievements of these incredible women, but also to gain valuable press coverage and brand awareness for the publication. Harper's Bazaar questioned how they could measure the impact of the event, aiming to have a clear understanding of the event's ROI in order to measure it's success. The publication also wanted to know if the right people were being invited and the percentage of coverage the event was generating. However, without a digital system of measurement, Harper's found it difficult to get access to the data it needed to meet these goals.

The Solution

After working with Launchmetrics' Data Services, the publication was provided with a full analysis of the coverage and engagement of the Women of the Year 2016 event. With the help of the publication's own information, Launchmetrics was able to use their unique data service tools to monitor media coverage ganered per invitee, the effectiveness of the event hashtag and the audiences reached through invitee activity. With this information, Harper's was provided with a three part report analysis with the key results of the event, enabling them to get a clear picture of the event's overall ROI as well as the role each invitee played.

The Result

  • Over 1 million people engaged across social and online media channels throughout the event
  • More than 500 millions of people reached through articles or social posts about the event
  • More than 60 posts or articles published by event's invitees

"Harper’s Bazaar realized that there’s more to an event than the guest list and a great venue; they wanted to understand the ROI in order to measure the event’s success."

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