How Hearst Spain pivoted to a digital event strategy


Hearst Spain & Launchmetrics

Founded in 2011, Hearst Spain is at the forefront of magazine publishing groups. This is largely due to it's perfect combination of internationally recognized titles of prestige such as Elle and Harper's Bazaar, sales leadership in the market, acquisition of consolidated titles and it's daring in launching new publishing concepts.

Hearst Spain's Challenge

Event experiences have always been an important part of Hearst Spain's strategy, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group had to reimagine it's events and find innovative ways to connect with their audiences. Thus, Hearst Spain decided to pivot to a digital events strategy to optimize their efforts and resources, whilst also staying engaged with their guests through the continued sharing of stories.

The Solution

Launchmetrics' Events helped Hearst Spain transition to digital events, facilitating the management of event RSVPs in real time, as well as performing easy post-event diagnosis via key event metrics reporting. Overall, this enabled the publishing group to continue to be a content leader and important cultural source for its readers and followers, as the group was able to share digital premium quality entertainment during the pandemic period.

The Result

  • Increased their event confirmation rate by 30% due to its digital event strategy
  • Continued to drive exclusive content to guests with 7 high-performing digital experiences built and shared
  • Managed all touchpoints with guests from digital invitations, RSVPs to post-event details and metrics

"Launchmetrics allows us to focus our efforts on what matters: creating a unique experience for our customers and audiences."

PR & Communications Director at Hearst Spain

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