How BESTSELLER made managing samples for 20 labels look simple

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Achieved greater transparency into sample locations

Increased communications among internal and external teams

Maximized press opportunities by implementing a reservations system

BESTSELLER is an international fashion house based in Denmark that represents 20 different clothing and accessory brands. Each label is born and raised in-house and requires its own set of samples for showrooms, photoshoots and other press opportunities. The team found it difficult to manage the vast amount of samples produced and circulated each season.

They implemented Samples by Launchmetrics to develop a scalable process to organize their samples, which average over 1300 per season. BESTSELLER was able to build a sense of security as well as save time with a real-time overview of sample locations through an interactive dashboard.

The three top benefits that Launchmetrics’ Samples provides, are transparency, efficiency and control.

Mathias Heinrichs PR Manager at BESTSELLER

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