How Pai Skincare Elevated Their Brand Strategy & Achieved Marketing Effectiveness


Pai Skincare x Launchmetrics

Pai Skincare is a leading formulator of certified organic skincare, believing that skin — no matter how sensitive — deserves the best natural ingredients without compromising on efficacy. Every product is proudly created and manufactured in-house in London, with a mission to deliver results-driven skincare with goodness built in. Pai’s entire range is certified natural and organic by COSMOS and independently patch tested for complete peace of mind.

Pai's Challenge

Adopting Launchmetrics Insights transformed Pai Skincare's approach to data and performance analysis. The platform provided the brand with comprehensive, real-time findings into marketing effectiveness, enabling Pai to refine its strategies based on solid data. The Insights platform allowed Pai to monitor key metrics like Media Impact Value™, engagement rates and the efficacy of influencer partnerships, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

The Results

  1. Improved Strategic Planning: Launchmetrics Insights empowered Pai Skincare with detailed performance data, helping to align marketing efforts with business objectives and optimize budget allocation.
  2. Enhanced Performance Measurement: The platform enabled Pai to benchmark its performance against industry standards and competitors, ensuring the brand remained competitive and responsive to market trends.
  3. Streamlined Reporting: With Launchmetrics Insights, Pai Skincare could generate comprehensive reports, providing stakeholders with clear, actionable insights into brand performance and market dynamics.

“Launchmetrics Insights has been instrumental in streamlining our data analysis and enhancing our strategic approach. The platform’s robust capabilities have not only simplified our workflow but also deepened our market understanding, enabling us to push our brand forward in the highly competitive skincare industry.”

Louise Yankovic-Jenkins
Global Marketing Director

Launchmetrics Solution Insights

Brand Pai Skincare

Industry Beauty and Skincare

Customer Since July 2022