How SACHAJUAN manages media monitoring globally & tracks sales performance with MIV®


SACHAJUAN & Launchmetrics

"We lean on MIV® not only to measure PR and marketing success, but also to compare with sales figures to hold our regional teams and distributors accountable for their growth and revenue targets."

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Established by internationally renowned hairdressers Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind in 1997, SACHAJUAN has been developing and manufacturing haircare and styling products since 2004.

SACHAJUAN sought to optimize it's brand performance by improving several areas. Firstly, the brand wanted to have the ability to track and monitor media mentions and coverage to have greater visibility over it's marketing efforts. Secondly, the team wanted to be able to generate better PR reports, to measure PR and marketing sucesses. Finally, SACHAJUAN wanted to compare sales performance by region in order to ensure overall performance success.

The Solution

With Discover by Launchmetrics, SACHAJUAN makes use of the platform's extensive regional coverage to achieve global and holistic media monitoring. The team at SACHAJUAN is now able to use these insights to make data-driven decisions, improving the brand's overall performance. Moreover, with the MIV® metric, the SACHAJUAN team can evaluate sales performance by region, in order to ensure continued market success. The clarity of using one central metric allows the team to accurately and easily make regional comparisons to inform it's brand strategy.

The Result

  • The PR team tracks and monitors media mentions across channels, with a focus on 1400+ print and online sources
  • SACHAJUAN now has a global and holistic view of it's marketing performance, thanks to extensive regional coverage
  • MIV® serves as a KPI not only to measure PR and marketing success, but also to compare sales performance by region

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