Serpentine Galleries

Serpentine Galleries

How Serpentine Galleries streamlined their guest experience

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The Challenge

The Serpentine Summer Party team was tasked with finding a solution to alleviate long check-in lines at the event, security loopholes, elaborate RSVP processes, cumbersome physical mailings and paper-filled clipboards the night of the event.

The Solution

  • Electronic invitations Guests could RSVP directly from their email.
  • Streamlined experience Launchmetrics' technology allowed for a seamless check in via iPads and RFID reader.
  • Real-time updates The entire team was able to view up-to-the-minute arrival information using Launchmetrics Events.

"The feedback and comments that we received from guests, contractors and our staff has been extraordinary."

Charlotte Wolseley Brinton Summer Party Organizer for Serpentine Galleries


Serpentine Galleries used Launchmetrics RFID technology to streamline the guest experience and bring their behind-the-scenes logistics into the twenty-first century.


  • 97% guest check-in with RFID
  • 1000+ event attendees
  • Streamlined VIP event
  • Accurate reporting


Launchmetrics: the secret to Serpentine Galleries' success

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