2.The Complete Guide for Digitizing Your Product and Collection Launches

Implement the right digital tools to reach more people and optimize your new campaigns

Chapter 2. Production

Chapter 2 explores content production, covering what you should consider as you create and plan your digital assets. This section also includes key questions that you should ask yourself and your wider team when it comes to the content you create around a new launch.

Create impactful and shareworthy content

Today, brands are investing 60% of their budgets into creating content, amplifying that content, and measuring how well it performs. And, when it comes to digital collections the content you create is the first thing your consumers, KOLs, and industry stakeholders will see.

In order to make your collection launch stand out, whether it be a new fashion line or beauty product, you need to create unforgettable and shareworthy resources. Key marketing channels such as social media platforms and Voices such as Media or Influencers are some of the most significant measures of the success of a new launch. How people respond to your collection can either make or break your target audience's perceptions - Therefore, much like a press release, your assets have to be unique enough to capture key stakeholders.

With a multitude of touchpoints that consumers experience on their purchasing journey, the quality of the content you produce has to be top-notch. If your design and manufacturing departments have worked to create a potential bestseller, it's important that you showcase this in the most effective and engaging way possible, that drives industry stakeholders to talk about your products and your customers to buy them. This is especially crucial in relation to digital collection launches because these aforementioned groups can't always physically see, touch, or try the garments or products that you are publicizing, so you need to be able to use your digital assets as a means of communication.

Best practices for digital asset production

You can do this in a number of ways, one of which is by utilizing professional production services such as IMAXTree (a professional production service of Launchmetrics) to shoot content for your campaign launches, each step of the way:

Product stills: The team captures both static and 360-degree product imagery as well as videos that showcase your designs' look and feel.

Event footage: Whether digital or physical - from the runway to backstage and street style, the team covers all angles so that you can focus on broadcasting or running a seamless event from start to finish.

Lookbooks: You can utilize both photo and video lookbooks to showcase your entire collection, putting a creative spin on your digital assets and giving buyers or press an overview of the pieces your brand is launching.

You also need to consider where your assets will be seen. If social media is one of the key ways that you reach your consumer, think about how you can repurpose the content you create, and apply it to individual platforms in ways that resonate with your followers. If more traditional sources of media like magazine publications are your biggest value-earner, try to format your content in a way that will help editorial teams easily understand your collection - wherever your digital collections go, consider the bigger picture.

Helpful tips for content production

1. Consider your audience

Speak to your sales team and really understand your consumer profiles - put yourself in their shoes and think about the best content formats that will reach them, where they are.

2. Get creative

The digital world moves at a fast pace, and with a multitude of content being produced every second, it's important that yours stands out. Cultivate your assets and campaign around your brand messaging and make sure this translates throughout your entire collection.

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3. Diversify your assets

Leveraging the right Voices can help propel your collections to new heights, so it is important that you create a range of assets that directly apply to each marketing channel you plan to utilize.

4. Adapt appropriately

If you plan on using your assets across your website, press releases and Owned Media channels, adapt those assets to fit each platform or format. Speak to your internal teams and create a plan of action for how you can utilize your content differently so you can connect with each target audience in an effective way.

As the world accelerates its digital uptake, brands in fashion, beauty, and luxury need to make the right decisions to adapt and stay ahead of the curve if they want to remain relevant and produce innovative digital assets. Responding to digital evolution allows brands to outperform their competitors and take full advantage of the playing field that so much of the industry will operate in, in the future. Investing in the assets that will eventually represent your collection is essential if you want to distribute quality content that resonates with your key stakeholders.

We hope you enjoyed this chapter on how to perfect your content production. Click through to chapter three to read about how digital events can amplify your new collections!