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The launch-to-market platform for the automotive industry

Grow your brand in a fast changing industry

How do you reach a new group of consumers who might never watch a car commercial or read a car magazine? This is one the main challenges car brands have to tackle in order to grow.

Launchmetrics provides them with the unique opportunity to tell a new story to a different audience, on a global scale.

Our platform helps accelerate and optimize your launch every step of the way, leveraging the right influencers, maximizing brand awareness and ultimately driving more sales.

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Solutions for the automotive industry

  • Connect with the right influencers

    Identify and get insights from influencers who are driving the conversation among car fans or potential buyers in every market. Launchmetrics fuels your strategy with exceptional data about reach and audience. Discover more

  • Manage events and product presentations seamlessly

    Provide a seamless digital experience to your guests. Simplify RSVP's, allow faster check-in, and share branded content immediately from our app. Discover more

  • Optimize your car fleet's ROI

    Manage loans and test-drive with more control and efficiency than ever. Fullfilll more requests from journalists and influencers during your launch period and see how your media coverage is growing. Discover more

  • Maximize your digital assets

    Create lasting exposure with digital assets that live beyond your launch. Make it easy for media and influencers to search, download and share your images and videos. Discover more

  • Increase the reach of your content

    Broadcast your press releases to the media, and amplify them through social. Our algorithm will help you find the best combination of content, timing and channel so that your news can travel further and faster. Discover more

  • Track and measure consumer reaction

    Monitor the media coverage and social engagement of your brand and products. Optimize launches with a clear understanding of consumer sentiment. Discover more

Our clients say:

"Launchmetrics allows us to maximize our international exposure launch after launch"

Belén Lacalle, Head of Communication for Jaguar Land Rover, Spain & Portugal See more stories

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