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Strengthen your Home & Furniture Marketing Strategy with Brand Performance Software

Optimize your home decor brand with a powerful all in 1 solution. Maximize the ROI of your samples through a unified sample management system. Track your media mentions across print, online & social media channels and benchmark brand performance against your competitors in the home and furniture industry

Brands Trust Our Software for the Home and Furniture Industry

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Boost Your ROI & Optimize Your Go-To-Market Launches With a Business-Wide Samples Workflow

  • Improve visibility, control & accountability with a standardized sample tracking process throughout your business. Streamline even large samples management with a unique barcode or RFID tagging system for your items and warehouses
  • Boost the ROI of your samples by reducing loss, decreasing operational costs & accelerating your go to market process. Save up to 35 hours per week as your team fulfills pick lists for Photo Studio or for Design team meetings
  • Gain valuable insights about your samples. Analyze missed opportunities, conduct inventory audits and plan ahead for new products or category launches
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Create & Share Your Product Catalogue With Inspiring Digital Showrooms to Maximize Your Editorial Opportunities

  • Create a digital showroom housing your product catalogue and maximize your editorial opportunities by sharing it with your contacts via secure links that never expire
  • Customise your showroom in line with your own branding and catalogue your visual assets to provide in-depth information to your contacts
  • Empower your furniture content marketing strategy with the most relevant data. Track your collection's performance and access audience data by market, product details and tags to guide future creative investment decisions
product screen showing media monitoring tool used to optimize furniture marketing strategy

Simplify Your Media Monitoring With all Your Print, Online & Social Coverage in 1 Place

  • Track your brand presence across home and furniture specific print, web and social channels to improve your marketing strategy
  • Understand the real impact of your home and furniture marketing activities by seeing the ROI of each campaign, region, channel or Voice, using 1 consistent MIV® metric
  • Create bespoke newsletters and coverage books to highlight and share your successes with your stakeholders
product screen showing competitor benchmarking tool used to improve furniture marketing strategy

Effortlessly Refine Your Budget and Home & Furniture Marketing Strategy with Competitor Benchmarking

  • Perform competitive benchmarking to see where you stack against your home brand competitors and where you fall within the home and furniture industry
  • Learn which channels, regions, Voices and platforms work best for you and easily identify top performing initiatives to inform your home and furniture marketing strategy and budget allocations
  • Create customisable interactive dashboards to visualise your data insights with ease

Power Your Brand With Home and Furniture Industry Data From Across the World

4X more fulfilled samples requests

Brand monitoring across 200+ countries, including China

Up to a 95% reduction in sample losses

1 consistent MIV® metric for easier and more accurate competitive benchmarking

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