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Discover why top jewelry and watch brands use Launchmetrics to succesfully launch their products.






The Launch-to-market platform for the jewelry and watch industry

Reaching a new generation of buyers

According to Unity Marketing, Millenials will take over as the largest generational segment in the luxury consumer market in 2018-2020. This is especially true for brands in the luxury jewelery and watch category.

To build an emotional connection with this new audience, brands need to shift their focus away from traditional advertising and start partnering with the people who have the power to sway consumer purchasing decisions: influencers.

Launchmetrics helps accelerate and optimize your launch every step of the way, from leveraging the right influencers to maximizing brand awareness, ultimately helping you to drive sales

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The solution for the jewelry and watch industry

  • Identify influencers that matter for your audience

    Find the most important influencers in your industry. Launchmetrics fuels your strategy with exceptional data on reach and audience, so you can engage celebrities, opinion leaders,and consumers. Discover more

  • Connect your brand

    Join a highly curated lifestyle community where more than 40,000 brands, media and buyers connect seamlessly to share noteworthy news, events and opportunities in a tailored dashboard environment. Discover more

  • Manage events and product presentations seamlessly

    Provide a seamless digital experience to your guests. Simplify RSVP, allow faster check-in and share immediate branded content via our app. Discover more

  • Maximize your sample collection

    Launchmetrics is the world's leading enterprise solution for Sample Management. Track your most precious items with ease, maximize sample set usage and see how your editorial exposure is increasing. Discover more

  • Amplify your digital assets

    Create lasting exposure with digital assets that live beyond your launch. Make it easy for media and influencers to search, download and share your images and videos. Discover more

  • Increase the reach of your content

    Blast press releases via email, social media, or our community of 40,000+ editors and influencers. Our algorithm finds the best combination of content, timing and channel so your news travels further and faster. Discover more

  • Track & measure consumer reaction

    Monitor media coverage and social engagement regarding your brand and products. Optimize launches with a clear understanding of consumer sentiment. Discover more

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