Forrester New Wave™ Names Launchmetrics a Strong Performer

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What is The Forrester New Wave™ Report?

The Forrester New Wave™ identifies and evaluates the 12 most significant providers in Influencer Marketing Solutions. Amongst the various criteria, Launchmetrics received a differentiated rating, the highest possible score, on measurement and reporting, product vision, product roadmap, and market approach, as well as the highest score in the strategy category within the Forrester New Wave™.

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Launchmetrics' measurement and reporting capabilities referenced as a differentiated element.

According to The Forrester New Wave™: Influencer Marketing Solutions Report Q2 2020, "Launchmetrics' granular reporting is priceless for fashion, luxury and beauty brands. It can compare region-to-region and brand-to-brand influencer impact against online and offline media performance."

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Our customers rave about our measurement and reporting capabilities

"I really appreciated their detailed influencer bios. It goes beyond metrics and demographics; you can see the influencers' life stages, who is reliable and who is easy to work with."

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Launchmetrics received the highest possible score for the following criteria

Measurement / Reporting

Product vision & Roadmap

Market Approach

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