Launchmetrics releases report entitled The State of Menswear: A Data Analysis of Men’s Fashion Weeks

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Italy and Paris lead Mens’ Fashion Weeks with New York and London falling far behind

Launchmetrics releases report entitled The State of Menswear: A Data Analysis of Men’s Fashion Weeks, benchmarking the four main Fashion Weeks for SS19 through an intensive online and social analysis of influencers and brands.

NEW YORK (January 8, 2019) - Launchmetrics, the leading marketing platform and analytics solution for the Fashion, Luxury and Cosmetic (FLC) industries, releases today its report entitled The State of Menswear 2019: A Data Analysis of Men’s Fashion Weeks. Launchmetrics has analyzed over 150 menswear brands along with the top 30 womenswear brands to dissect the current climate of this industry with a notable look at what brands are leading the pack as well as the role media, influencers and a brand’s own social media played in amplifying the buzz of these events.  It also takes a deep dive into the popular co-ed strategy - which may be the secret to future success - as well as case studies on what made Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Valentino stand out.

“As a partner of the industry, it is our job to report back on trends and figures that we see in order to share best practices with the global community,” explains Alison Bringé, Chief Marketing Officer at Launchmetrics. “This report serves as wake up call on the challenges each market and region is facing and by presenting data-driven analyses on the state of menswear today, we hope to provide brands with a strategic roadmap on how to move forward and adjust to the new digital landscape.”

According to our results, New York and London’s Men’s Fashion Weeks Media Impact Value charted low numbers (€2.1M and $5.8M respectively) compared to Paris ($49.4M) and Italy ($57.8M).  The key to Italy and Paris’ success is their lies in the long-standing history of these events, which increases their power in Menswear. Milano Moda Uomo Fashion Week has partnered with Florence’s Pitti Uomo trade fair to create a week-long event focused on Italian Menswear which draws top international buyers, editors and fashion decision-makers to the region.  Paris, being strong independently and having great timing — leading right into Paris Haute Couture — has been able to sustain a full week of shows which continues to grow and add new names to the roster, such as JW Anderson - showing in Paris his FW19/20 collection.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to growing Media Impact Value, a co-ed show is certainly a smart business move in the current fashion climate.  The data proves that presenting co-ed shows works best and doing so during the womenswear collections is the right choice. When cross-comparing the MIV garnered from co-ed shows held during Women’s Fashion weeks and stand-alone Men’s shows, only two brands broke into the top 10 ranking with their independent shows: Louis Vuitton (5th) and Dior (9th), both debuting new designers and therefore had highly anticipated collections.

Last but not least, the report demonstrates that the share of voice behind women’s weeks’ impact is quite similar to that of men’s. However, it is interesting to observe the predominance of male opinion leaders who are either Mid-Tier or Micro-Influencers, compared to the celebrities and Mega-Influencers we see at women’s weeks.  

To read more about the State of Menswear and see what brands and influencers are in the top rankings, download the full report here.

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