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Watch Marketing Strategies: Key Insights and Global Trends from Premium Brands

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Rank Brand MIV® Placements
1. Seiko $9.3M 5.7K
2. Tissot $9.0M 2.3K
3. Movado $2.4M 375
4. Certina $388K 191
5. Alpina $350K 224

The Insights Behind the Watch Marketing Strategies Ranking

Back in April, the watch industry focus was set to Geneva for the year’s most significant event: Watches and Wonders. This gathering drew both experts and enthusiasts from around the world, eager to discover the latest innovations and trends shaping the future of the industry.

As analyzed in Launchmetrics’ Watches and Wonders data report, the event garnered $50.7M in Media Impact Value®, underscoring the industry's global significance. To be noted, China maintained a strong regional presence, indicating the industry's strategic direction.

In an industry where innovation and strategic marketing are crucial, our analysis of five premium watch brands for the month of May highlights essential insights and successful tactics. We uncovered three main findings that reflect the broader trends and significance demonstrated by the Watches and Wonders event.

  • Asian countries continue to assert their influence over the watch industry. China saw a 14% increase in MIV® from April, generating $1.8M MIV® for Tissot, while India experienced an 84% increase, resulting in $950K MIV® for Movado.
  • Media outlets are crucial for amplifying news on product features, building trust among readers, and raising overall awareness. Seiko obtained $6.6M MIV® from media, mainly being featured online and in print.
  • Analyzing each placement, Celebrities are the highest contributors of Media Impact Value®. These Voices do not only help driving purchase decisions, they also facilitate brands in gaining exposure by tapping different target audiences and markets. Thai-German actress Kimberley Anne Woltemas drove $175K MIV® for Movado with one single placement, while Korean actor Lee Dong-wook generated $655K MIV® with only one Instagram post for Tissot.

To capture customer loyalty and drive bottom line efficiency, watch brands across all segments must innovate, benchmark against competitors, and develop strategic, data-driven marketing plans. To position your brand, influence new markets, and capture the attention of your target, it is essential to leverage real time data and insights to make informed decisions and  achieve unparalleled results.

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