F1 Fashion Race: Uncovering Winning Insights

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Rank Brand MIV® Placements
1. Puma $28.2M 6.6K
2. UGG $4.4M 869
3. PacSun $2.8M 520
4. Reiss $2.0M 314
5. Nine West $1.0M 444

F1 Fashion: The Insights Behind the Ranking

The lines between fashion and sport are becoming more blurred and brands are starting to tap into this cross-pollination trend. Formula 1 races are now fertile ground for cross-industry collaborations: as Lewis Hamilton pointed out to BoF, “The fashion world has now realized the potential that the sport has to reach global audiences”. 

In this dynamic landscape, brands are seizing the opportunity presented by the convergence of athletes, celebrities, influencers, and designers at F1 races. Strategies include: enlisting aspirational ambassadors, forging strategic partnerships with the teams, launching dedicated collections to F1 and hosting events to leverage the sport’s worldwide reach. 

We analyzed the performance of five brands from April 28th to May 12th surrounding the Miami F1 race, which took place on May 5th. We analyzed the Voices and strategies driving the Media Impact Value®. We uncovered four key insights:

  • Dedicated capsule collections have proved fruitful for Puma, Reiss and PacSun. Celebrity and designer ASAP Rocky, generated $990K MIV® across two posts while promoting the Puma x F1 collection.
  • Leveraging Owned Media as a vehicle to promote collaborations propels engagement and drives impact. Puma Motorsport garnered a total of $935K MIV®, while PacSun top placement, featuring their F1 collection, garnered $228K MIV®.
  • Strategic partnerships with teams amplify brand reach to diverse customer segments. McLaren contributed $500K MIV® to Reiss, while Mercedes and Ferrari emerged as top Partner Voices for Puma.
  • Harnessing the power of the Influencer Voice allows brands to connect with new audiences in an authentic way. Social media personality Wisdom Kaye generated $142K MIV® for UGG during the Miami race and Influencer Eliya Cioccolato brought $97.8K MIV® to Nine West during the brand’s event “Nine West Race Weekend”.

These insights underscore the multitude of opportunities for brands to capitalize on the fervor surrounding Formula 1, ranging from strategic partnerships to themed events. Assessing the suitability of such approaches for your brand hinges on data analytics and a thorough understanding of competitors' winning strategies across industries. Discover where your brand and competitors stand and inform future strategies to secure a leading position in the F1 fashion race!

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