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Fashion Influencer Marketing: Winning over Gen Z Consumers

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Rank Brand MIV® Placements
1. Farm Rio $1.6M 326
2. Baum und Pferdgarten $601K 130
3. IKKS $374K 62
4. Scotch & Soda $228K 64
5. Comptoir des Cotonniers $217K 62

The Insights Behind the Fashion Influencer Marketing Ranking

As brands strive to solve the Gen Z puzzle and win their loyalty, leveraging influencers is a key tactic in connecting with the demographic and effectively driving their purchase decision. Angela Nader, head of brand partnerships at LTK, recently shared with Launchmetrics how 75% of the Gen Z cohort make online purchases based on creator recommendations.

This influence should not be underestimated by brands, as digital creators serve as powerful vehicles to tap into and engage with different audiences. The latest Launchmetrics report on Gen Z emphasizes how reaching this demographic requires brands to focus on values that resonate with them, such as inclusivity, sustainability, and authenticity. Hence, identifying the Voices that are drivers for these values is essential for converting unofficial brand advocates into recognized brand ambassadors.

Influencer performance has seen a 214% increase in Media Impact Value® for premium brands from 2020 to 2023, underscoring their growing influence. We analyzed the influencer performance of five prominent premium brands during the month of May to uncover key marketing strategies. Our analysis revealed four main insights:

  • Collaborating with authentic Gen Z influencers is crucial for cultivating connection. Among the top voices driving value for the leading brands in the ranking, Brazilian influencer Luisa Pio garnered $72.6K MIV® for Farm Rio, while Eve-Lily generated $80.6K MIV® for Baum und Pferdgarten. 
  • Leveraging influencer endorsement is a strategic avenue for extending brand reach and establishing presence in new territories. The US emerged as the top country for MIV® volume by the Influencer Voice for both Brazilian brand Farm Rio and Dutch brand Scotch and Soda. Similarly, the UK led in influencer-generated MIV® for Copenhagen-based brand Baum und Pferdgarten.
  • Influencers with a smaller following base have proven to be highly effective in authentically engaging with their audience. Mid-tier influencers emerged as the primary drivers of value for four out of the five brands in the ranking.
  • Organic influencer content fosters trust among viewers, consequently enhancing engagement and driving brand awareness. Across the five brands in the ranking, organic content consistently outperformed sponsored content in terms of MIV®, demonstrating its effectiveness.

Equipped with the right data analysis tools, brands can master the art of influencer marketing and efficiently engage with Gen Zers. By delving into competitors effectiveness when it comes to influencers and their winning strategies, brands can surpass competitors and achieve unparalleled results. Discover how your brand can reach new heights and lead every ranking with Launchmetrics.

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