Outdoor Brands: Unveiling the Secret Behind Winning Celebrity Endorsement

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Rank Brand MIV® Placements
1. ARC'TERYX $1.9M 32
2. The North Face $1.3M 81
3. Patagonia $219K 23
4. Columbia Sportswear $40.9K 9
5. Berghaus $16.8K 3

The Insights Behind the Outdoor Brands Ranking

Since 2020, the sportswear and outerwear industry has evolved beyond merely providing athletic gear and becoming integral to everyday lifestyle choices. Consumers now embrace these brands not just as products, but as embodiments of values and messages, such as a commitment to sustainability, that transcend passing trends. This transformation has surged forward, particularly among younger demographics, as brands maintain their authenticity through compelling and cohesive narratives.

As highlighted in Launchmetrics' latest report “Reimagining Sportswear”, the landscape has been shaped by iconic brands, leading designers, celebrities, and athletes who not only set trends but also wield significant influence over market demand. Multi-national sportswear brands, in particular, have experienced notable growth, with Media Impact Value® surging by 25-40% from 2022 to 2023.

Selecting appropriate brand ambassadors, whether athletes or celebrities, becomes pivotal in conveying the brand's essence and resonating with audiences. At Launchmetrics, our analysis of Celebrity Voice performance for the month of May yields invaluable insights and winning strategies for five outdoor brand:

  • Partnering with internationally renowned actors aligned with the brand's core narrative proves successful. For example, Actor and martial artist Jason Statham generated $1.8M MIV® for Arc’Teryx across two Instagram posts.
  • Athletes are proven brand ambassadors for athletic brands. American rock climber Alex Honnold garnered $578K MIV® across 12 placements for The North Face, while German rock climber Alexander Megos drove $156K MIV® across 16 placements for Patagonia in one month.
  • Authentically sharinga brand's core values and beliefs, especially through  an impactful Voice, resonates powerfully with audiences. Vietnamese actress Diem My generated 61% of the overall  Celebrity Voice MIV® for Columbia, via a single Facebook post under the hashtag #hikeforearth.

Celebrity Voice significantly adds value to sportswear and outdoor brands. Benchmarking and analyzing competitors' winning approaches should be central to every strategy . Diving into the data is key in getting useful insights on which voices are best driving conversations that resonate with the final target audience. Discover now where your brand ranks and  plan your next successful celebrity collaboration with actionable data and insights. 

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