Game Changers: Discover the Leading Sports Retail Marketing Strategies

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Rank Brand MIV® Placements
1. JD Sports $49.2M 11.9K
2. Decathlon $21.0M 10.8K
3. Foot Locker $11.3M 3.8K
4. Dick's Sporting Goods $7.6M 7.3K
5. Zumiez $265K 132

Sports Retail Marketing: The Insights Behind the Ranking

The global activewear market is projected to surpass $450 billion by 2028, according to Statista. With this upward trajectory, sportswear retailers can capitalize on the surging demand for athletic gear, offering customers a one-stop destination for their sporting needs. As noted by McKinsey, customers are increasingly favoring shopping in multi-brand environments, presenting a prime opportunity for retailers to refine their strategies and lead the market.

We analyzed this uptrend and the Media Impact Value® performance of five retailers in April to uncover a selection of sports retail marketing best practices:

  • Glocalization of the Owned Media resulted being a common strategy for sport retailers, often leveraging local accounts to tailor the content to each market and drive a stronger local performance. The three brands leading the ranking, excelled on leveraging this strategy. Overall, Foot Locker generated $6.8M MIV®, JD Sports $6.4M MIV® and Decathlon $1.3M MIV® via Owned Media. 
  • APAC stands strong: China has emerged as the best performing country for Decathlon generating $6.7M MIV®. Influencers and Media played pivotal roles in driving this impact.
  • Media exposure is crucial for brands to amplify their marketing efforts and stay top of mind for their target audience. Media emerged as the top Voice for JD Sports ($41.3M MIV®), Decathlon ($15.3M MIV®) and Dick’s Sporting Goods ($6.7M MIV®).

In order to excel in this competitive landscape, brands need to constantly analyze their performance and uncover key insights to refine their strategies. Leveraging data analytics provides retailers with a competitive advantage, enabling them to enhance performance. Discover where your brand stands and uncover its full potential!

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