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10 Ways To Scare Away Influencers (And How To Avoid It!)

8 minute read

Gina Gulberti

Scaring away your influencers is not something that only happens on a day like Halloween. It’s actually something you’d better always keep in mind, because the overall success or failure of a campaign, a product release or even one of your events may depend on it. You don’t need ghostly strings or zombies, nor pumpkins to convey genuine chills up your influencers’ spines. Always be aware of these 10 things that could terrify them, and if you’ve already made the mistake of doing something wrong; be careful to ensure that the panic doesn’t spread – we’re also including the best ways to avoid these mistakes.

1. Sending mass emails

Each influencer is a completely different person with completely different interests and a particular specialty. By carrying out mass mailings to a database without any segmentation and only being slightly updated, all you get is a cry of blogger hysteria on the other side of the screen.

On the other hand, many Influencers tend to prefer to work collaboratively with brands. Once again, they are, like you, professionals. They have their own experience, they know fully well how to generate content and therefore, may have their own proposals. If you focus only on what you can offer them and not what they would like to offer you, then you are not contributing anything towards establishing a truly collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.

What we always stress: communication has to be one-on-one. Stay tuned for the monitoring of their publications, their interests, to the formats they are using… and you’ll be warned to customize your content in order to avoid hearing any harsh criticism about your brand that may pop out of an influencer’s mouth.

2. Press releases via Twitter

In our recent interview with Manu Moreno , he told us: “You can’t contact a journalist by simply asking him to follow you on Twitter and then after that, send him a link to a press release”. Twitter is not an old fax! Adapt your formats! Begin to realize that in social media, content is king and therefore, you cannot send the same basic press release you would send out to a journalist, because it makes no sense for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn users.

You should put more work into getting high quality content on your blog, through infographics, videos, presentations… There are many free multimedia resources available. Be original and don’t scare off your influencers

3. Inviting them to events where you only talk about yourself

Nothing will scare off an influencer more than attending an event as one of the special guests and running into something that really is nothing more than a simple Infomercial ad! Forget anything saying “we are the best”, forget about all of those rooms we have all been in, jam-packed with product brochures and, of course, forget about events in which only you, your CEO and your President are giving what is being passed on as “advice” and is really nothing more than a sales pitch.

Humbleness comes first – and that is far more than just a simple phrase; it’s a reality in today’s world of business, with the new era of full transparency. Offer true value for your influencers and for the attendees at your events. Try to ensure that all of them will have the superb quality of your content as their takeaway, rather than boring content that almost killed them.

4. Confirmation calls after having sent an email

This is the one of biggest scare that your Influencers can receive when they arrive to their office in the morning… Avoid making them choke on their coffee and donuts and if you do insist on calling them, it’d better be because you have something really, really interesting to tell them. Have you seen an “error” message after hitting your email “send” button? Unless you have: sit down and read the Sports page! Your email is most certainly in their inbox. If they care about it, they will also see that you too care about your mutual relationship and the quality of communications you’ve sent them in the past, don’t worry… I’m sure they will open it….sooner or later

Do not trigger any aggressive reactions from your Influencers with that famous “Did you get my press release?” call

5. Messages that begin with “we are market leaders”

We are going to tell you the same thing: you are neither the tallest nor the most handsome, nor probably not even the friendliest. And if you happen to be other people are the ones who will have to point that out (not you). Pablo Herreros commented the following to us in an interview on this blog: “The press release should never be about how good are you (always in a exaggerated manner), that they could proven to be false with one simple search on Google… ah! and the word “Leader”. That’s Forbidden”. Forget about it.

Be realistic and use your influencers by asking them what their opinion really is. Like you, they too are professionals in their own industry and therefore their feedback will help you to improve. Bury the word “leader” 6 feet under!

6. Purely talking about product communication and never about product testing

What some people think is a good press release announcing a new product: beautiful, innovative, revolutionary, dynamic, interactive, and many more adjectives (basically you might even say “it’s awesome”) ends up being more of the same. If you launch a product and really want your Influencers to check their value and usefulness, first, offer them a trial, invite them to your office to show them how it works or go out with them to have a quick breakfast to test the tool for themselves, explain how it works and let them have a trial run taking it home for two weeks. .

In this way you will both reinforce your own relationship with them, get honest direct feedback and avoid any trouble that may be caused due to a lack of communication with these key Influencers.

7. Offering them more “off content” that “on content”.

The old paper press pack, which weighed half a ton and took up half a drawer, may have been somewhat useful during the Paper Age — wow that seems like centuries ago, doesn’t it? Now your Influencers are looking for interactive content, high quality pictures, videos and information in real time; and now, the best way to provide this to them is through a digital format. In our latest whitepaper we gave you 10 keys on how to transform your dossier into a newsroom 2.0. and if you really don’t want to lose your Influencers, we strongly recommend that you take a look and begin implementing it at this moment.

8. Press notes jam-packed with “amazing” quotes from your CEO

Remember one thing: this is not supposed to be an interview. If it were an interview, the journalist or influencer would have requested one… So, it makes no sense whatsoever to fill up your press releases with quotes. Opting for providing pure information, and if the text that has been provided is truly relevant, go ahead and use it. Otherwise, if all it is simply a repetition of what has already been said above, what value are you providing them? Avoid talking too much …

9. The blogger owns his kingdom

Do not expect that your influencers are going to write down everything you tell them. First, bear in mind that you are just one more source of content for them and therefore, don’t think for a minute that just because you invited them to events and/or Breakfasts you are ensured a post on his blog. Make your content really interesting, that matches the influencer’s style and offer them additional value: visuals, videos, etc.

They will at the end of the day decide what to publish and what not to publish, their blog is their own kingdom. Escape the “deadlines” to post something, as well as escape the temptation to say “send me the link when you have posted it,” or “I’m sure it will fit perfectly in your blog,” because the only thing you will achieve with lines like that is to make your Influencers climb the walls!

10. Talk to them from time to time

You may be organizing an event for a new product release, or perhaps be in the midst of launching content, however, the relationship with your influencers should never be sporadic and opportunistic, it has got to be personal and a continuous flow. You can’t just talk to them once, and after their contribution to your brand, forget all about (this is not nice at all). And secondly, when you try to contact them the next time, they may just disappear with a “See you in your dreams”…

Have a terrific Halloween!


Gina is passionate about storytelling, creativity and digital strategies. As Vice President of Digital Marketing she leads a rockstars team from the sunny city of Madrid! She loves cats, enjoys practicing yoga and feels a great addiction to constantly travel!

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