5 Keys to Effective PR Monitoring for Fashion, Luxury and Beauty brands

Gina Gulberti

The monitorization of any brand’s PR impact in the fashion, luxury & cosmetics industries is essential when it comes to measuring the results of every new campaign or launch, as well as it is for defining a legitimate return on investment (ROI). For precisely this reason, Launchmetrics has just announced the acquisition of global media monitoring enterprise Visual Box. The news came at the same time as the launch of our new platform Discover, along with the latest developments of our community GPS Radar.

Visual Box monitors more than 1,800 print titles - from daily newspapers to niche bi-annual magazines – with around 1,825,000 pages analyzed annually. The potential of Visual Box along with our recently-developed monitoring tool Discover, will enable brands from the fashion, luxury & cosmetics sector to track all mentions in print media, online and social media, simultaneously on one platform.

“This will allow us to be the first player to measure cross-channel performance with the vision of providing the industry a consistent earned media value to more effectively understand the interaction between brands and influencers.” 
Michael Jais, CEO de Launchmetrics


Discover the intersection between brands and Influencers

From competitor benchmarking data to influencer monitoring, Discover tracks mentions from 100,000 of the industry's top voices as well as 1.8K print titles, 500K blogs + 10K online outlets, including all pictures from image slideshows. Additionally, clients can track their campaigns on social media with reporting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The new platform is revolutionary to the industry, allowing companies to easily analyze the impact of their campaigns and events with key insights into their performance in the media and with influencers.

You’re probably asking yourself: What are the special characteristics of Discover? How is it different from other platforms? Well instead of giving you a commercial speech, we prefer to show you how in our next post about the 5 key points to take into account for effectively pr monitoring the fashion, luxury and beauty industries. Here we go!

‘Offline’ is still relevant for Fashion, Luxury & Beauty

Contrary to other industries, for fashion, beauty & luxury, the impact of print media still prevails - everybody knows that a mention in Vogue is golden! That’s why when we speak about “monitoring” as such in these industries, we can’t ignore the weight & importance that publications & offline media titles have.

Knowing not only who is mentioning you, but the media equivalence or value of those mentions is an insight that will bring value to any brand investing money & dedication in public relations & communications.

The importance of slideshows

In the fashion industry, everything is visual and often times no words are needed to describe collections & garments being published. Slideshows are a carousel of images that are used by most online media in the lifestyle sector for sharing content, and are definitely important elements that need to be part of a brand’s objectives.

A publication in one of these slideshows can generate a great impact on all levels. Consequently, in Discover the monitoring is conducted over 50,000 online news sources and 3 million blogs, including all the slideshows that are present in the majority of fashion, luxury and beauty publications.


Every event needs specific pr monitoring

We all know that events can be expensive, yet valuable for ensuring the success of new campaigns or launches. It can however be difficult to justify the investment to decision-makers.

The key? Monitoring absolutely everything related to each event that you organize: hashtags, invitees, posts by the influencers attending, number of publications, mentions on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube… This is the only way to truly generate reports that justify the return on investment of these activities involving a ton of work.

Launchmetrics’ content team has done just that through a light-version analysis of the impact of the Met Gala using Discover

PR Monitoring tool for Fashion

Avoiding the noise in your benchmarking & tracing

There’s a problem that always comes up when we talk about conducting online tracking: the noise. Avoiding irrelevant mentions or the lack of useful information for the people that work in the communication team or the company in general, is something that makes the difference for getting an effective PR monitoring.

With Discover we’ve incorporated a functionality that tries to solve this problem: the editable newsletters. It involves newsletters that the user can set up to receive periodically in their inbox and includes all the mentions & impacts of print media, blogs or social media, as well as the latest influencer news. The great thing is, before sending it on on to other people, the newsletter can be edited, re-organized, and images can be switched... the main objective is to make sure that only the relevant information reaches all your company's different teams.


Influencers: Discover publications from the most influential people

We already know that influence is not simply a question of followers. Influencer content must be able to impact and generate engagement amongst audiences, which is the main point of interest for brands to work with them. Any effective monitoring system should be able to identify those people based on the impact of their posts.

While creating technology exclusively for the fashion, luxury and beauty industries, this was a must for us! You might have seen our analysis of the globally-known influencer Chiara Ferragni's Instagram a few weeks ago in collaboration with Stylight.


The experience that GPS Radar has given us has also taught us the importance that these influencers and their publications have for many brands. The community currently has over 40,000 top-tier members including journalists, bloggers, buyers, stylists and more, receiving 200,000 image views daily as well as 100,000 product images downloaded each season.

You already know that monitoring public relations and influencers in fashion, luxury and beauty is key to getting a real ROI from each of your actions. Have any questions about Discover, GPS Radar or the recent acquisition of Visual Box? Don't hesitate to contact us!


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