Givenchy X Ariana Grande: The Full Data Rundown

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Overall, GivenchyxAriana accumulated an impressive MIV of $25.13M.

In May 2019, Ariana Grande was announced as the new face of luxury brand, Givenchy. Since then, #Arivenchy has taken over, with the brand's Creative Director, Clare Waight Keller describing the starlet as "a modern embodiment of Givenchy's signature spirit: an elegant attitude informed by beauty, individuality, and a sense of empowerment." With a plethora of sneak-peeks and a recent launch of the FW19 campaign, we've decided to track the data behind the collaboration, to see how much MIV® was generated, which posts came out on top, as well as the Voices that had the most impact.

GivenchyXAriana: The Full Data Rundown

Overall, Ariana Grande and her collaboration with Givenchy accumulated an impressive MIV of $25.13M - unsurprisingly, the largest overall Share of Voice came from the Celebrity group (representing $17M or 69% of the total Media Impact Value™). Instagram was the main source of impact drive, with almost all of the value generated originating from this platform - $22M of the total MIV. With Ariana Grande herself being responsible for most of the media impact driven by the Celebrity Voice, and Instagram taking up the largest authority when it came to distribution - let's take a look at the top-performing posts by Ariana for the campaign.

The Top Performing Posts by Ariana Grande for GivenchyxAriana

In My Head

Overall, this post racked up the highest value - a whopping $1.2M in MIV. This carousel image was one of the first full outfit sneak peeks of the FW19 campaign that Grande featured in, which likely helped in racking up the impact it had. The post itself has over 20K comments and 3.3M likes, which is amongst some of the highest engaged-with posts on the singer's page.

MIV: $1.2M


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This black and white shot by Craig McDean was first featured on Givenchy's page as part of a series of #Arivenchy looks. Racking up a similar MIV of $1.1M, this was as part of another carousel image posted to Ari's page (a photo format that we have noticed tends to do well in terms of engagement on Instagram). This shot was also on the campaign reveal day, which already had a lot of buzz built up around it, probably accounting for the posts high MIV.

MIV: $1.1M

Better Off BTS

The third-top performing post on Ariana's Instagram feed was this behind the scenes sneak-peek at her campaign shoot with the brand. The video had 5.5M views and gave an exclusive look at Ariana in her element as she donned Givenchy backstage and on set.

MIV: $1.1M


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@givenchyofficial 🖤

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Givenchy's Owned Media, also performed extremely well, representing 20% of the total MIV generated, most of which was racked up by similar Instagram posts on their @givenchyofficial account. When it came to this campaign, Influencers represented a much smaller Share of Voice (0.6%), as most of the coverage was probably via Ariana Grande or Givenchy themselves. A great tactic Givenchy opted for on their Owned Media channels to capture content was the use of branded hashtags like #Arivenchy. Here we will look at the top-performing keywords for the GivenchyxAriana campaign.

The Top Performing Keywords for GivenchyxAriana

ARIVENCHY was the top-performing keyword, likely because @givenchyofficial used the hashtag on all of their campaign posts featuring Ariana, as a tagline. GivenchyEden also came out on top, which is the bag style that is featured in most of the shots with Ariana. The Eden bag is a recent product launch that the brand is featuring heavily at the moment across all of their channels - it even has a feature in their Instagram bio. Most of the keywords used are featured as hashtags on Givenchy's Owned Media channels, as it allows them to create branded hashtags, that other 'grammers can use on their own posts so that Givenchy can peep the content they are creating. As a clever way to repurpose content, but also get audiences talking, this is a great way to generate excitement around a product or campaign launch.

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