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#InfluencerInsiders | Beauty Blogger and Lifestyle influencer Amelia Roucel of "They Call Me Mellie"

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For our newest and first ever cosmetics-focused report, Beauty Redefined: How Digital Marketing Is Transforming the Cosmetics Industry, we've sat down with experts and beauty bloggers to gain a holistic view of the current state of the industry. Not only have we gathered insights from industry insiders, we've also broken down the data behind the digital marketing strategies executed by leading beauty brands; all to understand the voices driving value in cosmetics.

According to our report, influencers represent nearly 56% of the voices (the source generating media impact) behind beauty brands, whereas for fashion and luxury, they represent 17% and 24% respectively.


Amelia Roucel is one of these voices. Also known as Mellie (as they called her in college), she is a beauty blogger and lifestyle influencer  known for sharing her unique life through her blog, A well-traveled Parisian, Amelia moved to San Francisco when she was only 12 years old and lived in the US throughout High School before she began splitting her time between Paris and Los Angeles.
After majoring in Poli-Sci and Communications in L.A., she completed a few internships, including one at Karla Otto and was later offered a marketing position in Paris for non other than the "American Dream Brand" Ralph Lauren. After five wonderful years working in marketing and later digital, she decided to embark on her journey as an influencer and has successfully built up her social media persona, Mellie, whom over 70,000 followers know today. Continue reading below to learn more about "Mellie".



Tell us a bit about your trajectory. How did you become a beauty blogger and lifestyle influencer?

I used to work in Marketing & Digital for an American fashion & lifestyle brand. After 5 years there, I decided to launch my blog, and see if I could make it as an influencer. The road ahead was pretty rough at first, but I found my niche and voice. Almost 4 years later, I am still doing what I love most : creating content, as well as advising brands in the digital age.

Any exciting recent projects you'd like to share with us?

I recently took over Chaumet’s official Instagram page, for the launch of their high end jewelry line. As an influencer, as well as a consultant, it really was a dream come true.

What do you love most about what you do?

Being creative, meeting creatives and people from all over the world and horizons.

You've worked with beauty brands such as Guerlain, Fresh, Weleda, Roger Gallet & Bourjois, among others. What's the biggest lesson you've learned when working with brands in this industry?

I have learned that they all have their identity and story. That a successful collaboration and experience is when the brand and influencer truly share similar values.

In what ways would you say consumers’ demands or expectations within the cosmetics realm have changed over the past decade?

They want it all, the effects, the results, the right textures, the packaging, to connect with a brand and its ambassadors. Being a good product isn’t good enough anymore, it’s the minimum.


What are some challenges that influencers face in the beauty industry today?

Beauty bloggers try it all and can really speak as experts, but lifestyle or even fashion bloggers are consumers as well and can actually (sometimes) understand the consumers’ perspective better, as they are not experts. It’s interesting to include them as well. Because most people are not beauty gurus.

Social media has radically transformed the way consumers discover brands, products or methods of application. How do you help brands take advantage of this digital platform?

New brands, upcoming brands and niche brands can find their audience and consumers. The right branding can make such a huge difference, and with a smaller communication budget, brands can find their voice and have a chance to develop.


What piece of advice would you give to brands working with influencers in this increasingly competitive digital market?

Choose the right influencers for you! Not the most famous, but the right fit. The right voice, the right artistic direction for you, as well as the right community. If you are a brand only sold in France, why choose an influencer who is followed everywhere, choose a smaller influencer with a french female audience. Brands look only at numbers and followers, and then try to change the influencer’s identity to fit theirs. If you need to change what the influencer is, it’s not the right influencer for you. Find the one that is the right fit, even if it’s a micro.

Make sure to follow Amelia on her Instagram: @theycallmemellie and for any inquiries contact her via: And, if you'd like to learn more about how beauty bloggers are shaping the cosmetics landscape, be sure to download Beauty Redefined: beauty-redefined

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