Data Hackathon by Launchmetrics

Beauty Hacks: The Data Hackathon by Launchmetrics. FAQs

Briony Sturgis

Beauty Hacks: The Data Hackathon by Launchmetrics is the next big initiative at the forefront of the technology calendar. In partnership with Microsoft and MAC Cosmetics, Launchmetrics are inviting participants to come solve a business and tech case study, with a use case particularly relevant to the beauty industry today. Sound like an interesting opportunity? Read on to understand more about the event and unpack some of our most frequently asked questions. 

When is it?

The event is taking place from Friday, November 18th to Monday, November 21st. Whether joining virtually or in-person, all participants will be required to participate from 9am CET to 6pm CET from Friday to Sunday. Final presentations will be shown to the judges on Monday morning, with the winners announced Monday afternoon

What is the challenge?

With social media content a key vehicle to reaching customers, beauty brands are trying to understand how to better leverage its power. In such a competitive landscape, it’s vital brands differentiate themselves, and this is where they need your help. We will provide you with TikTok raw and enriched data, ready to be analyzed with ML and DL algorithms. The question is, which output will help brands to build new powerful content strategies on Tiktok?

Is there a prize?

Of course! The winning team will be awarded €5000, but really everyone is a winner as all participants will gain invaluable visibility and exposure with Launchmetrics, Microsoft and MAC Cosmetics. 

Can I do it individually? 

Individual sign ups are welcome and encouraged. That being said, since the hackathon challenge will require skill sets from multiple backgrounds, all participants will subsequently be organized into teams for the duration of the event. That way, everyone is set up for success from the beginning, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from your teammates and make new friends.

Can I bring a friend?

The more the merrier. You and your friends can sign up for the event - let us know upon sign up that you would like to work together, and we will do what we can to put you in the same team. There is a small chance you may be split in order to ensure the teams are balanced accordingly.

Can we decide our own teams?

All teams will be coordinated to include homogeneous skill sets, and therefore will be decided by Launchmetrics prior to the event taking place. Participants will be placed into teams first thing on Friday morning.

I don’t know how to code - can I still attend?

Absolutely. Beauty Hacks requires a range of different skill sets, including technology, computer science, data, business, marketing and design backgrounds. Those with a technology and data background will lead on devising the algorithm itself, whilst business, design and marketing students can help to create its business use case within a presentation, ready for showcasing to the judges on Monday morning.

Can I join virtually?

Due to overwhelming demand beyond Paris, Beauty Hacks is now open for virtual participation. All participants will be required to be online on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 9am CEST to 6pm CEST, and provided the opportunity to join office hours hosted by business, tech and data professionals in the morning and afternoon.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the banner below to sign up - Launchmetrics, Microsoft and MAC Cosmetics look forward to welcoming you.

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