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Beauty Marketing Tips II: How Fenty, Anastasia, and MAC are Leveraging YouTube Creators

Launchmetrics Content Team

Beauty brands continue to adapt and explore new ways to connect with their consumers, utilizing everything from traditional media, to sponsored celebrity campaigns, and Influencer reach on social platforms. The value of the global cosmetics market continues to boom and is predicted to be worth more than $750 billion USD by 2025, so brands in the sector are stepping up their beauty marketing efforts to be seen by consumers. A tried and tested way to promote a brand and reveal the true effect of a cosmetic product is to showcase it in a video posted to YouTube.

Creators on this video platform can be powerful allies for beauty brands, as they engage millions of subscribers with large volumes of authentic content that entertains and educates, such as makeup and skincare tutorials, product recommendations, and cosmetics hauls. Leveraging YouTube and its creators for beauty brands can help make a major impact and generate top ROI, as YouTube is a hub for beauty creators with large and loyal followings, such as top beauty gurus like James Charles, who in 2016 became the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl after a tweet featuring his makeup went viral, and with 24 million subscribers he generates an average Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) of $675K per post. And even vloggers with fewer followers like Michelle Phan, a Vietnamese American makeup artist, entrepreneur, and founder of EM Cosmetics with 8 million subscribers garners an impressive average MIV® of $117K per video.  

Nurture Creator Relationships

Brands need to remember that the majority of YouTube’s top beauty videos (as much as 86% in 2017) were made by creators, as opposed to branded or professional content. So working with Influencers on this platform is an invaluable source for beauty marketers, not only to be noticed by creators but also to leverage their content to make a lasting impact on their viewers. To make successful content on the video platform, authenticity is key, according to Derek Blasberg, YouTube’s Head of Fashion and Beauty, who spoke at the 2022 Performance by Launchmetrics virtual summit: "One of the biggest lessons I learned when joining YouTube is that YouTube users are incredibly savvy, they know when you’re getting paid for a product, they know when you’re being disingenuous […] when you think about what creators have done well on YouTube, it’s typically those who have been incredibly transparent and authentic."

To remain as authentic as possible, not all posts need to be branded, sponsored, or pre-organized, as creators can make content on their own once they have the materials. So ensuring that PR packages are sent to the right creators, such as in the case with Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, who is known for her inclusive makeup color range, is vital. American beauty vlogger Nyma Tang is popular for her informative makeup reviews on products made for darker skin types and boasts 1.35M subscribers. A recent video about a Fenty foundation product where Nyma gave a glowing review made $191K in Media Impact Value™ for the brand. With an average MIV® of 128K per post, creators like Nyma who attract a key audience that may be interested in Fenty products are of essential value to any brand.

Creators Know Their Audience

Beauty creators know their audiences well, and the connection they have made with them as influencers in the beauty sphere can be lucrative for brands, so following a creator’s lead as to which content works best for their channel is essential. Every mention counts and can generate major MIV® and exposure. Educational videos and insights around makeup and cosmetic use are some of the most popular types of YouTube beauty content. 

Not so long ago the only way for beauty enthusiasts and consumers to learn new makeup techniques was through books or in-store at beauty counters. But nowadays, beauty marketing specialists need to remember that most consumers’ first port of call is searching online, where masses of YouTube tutorial videos are found. These DIY videos have become a staple in the industry and are an unmissable opportunity for viewers to see the effects and benefits of using certain products to achieve their desired look. Tutorial videos by vlogger juggernauts like Jaclyn Hill with 5.7M subscribers can generate thousands in MIV®, such as the one below that showcases products from brands like MAC Cosmetics and Nars, earning these brands over $210K in MIV®. 

Revealing insights and secrets to success when using beauty products is another proven way that creators make special and intriguing content for their audiences. Becoming a brand that these creators know well, trust, and ultimately recommend by using the products themselves in their videos, is a great way to be promoted in a natural and authentic way. Tati Westbrook’s video on beauty secrets below garnered $137K for brands like Huda Beauty and Mac Cosmetics.

Beauty and cosmetics consumers love to try new trends and engage in fun and exciting content, which is why makeup trend content often goes viral. YouTube, as a popular platform for longer-form videos that dive deeper, has been leveraged by brands and creators who work together to make fun content that viewers love. To stay on trend and keep up with the current conversations in the beauty marketing sphere is a great way to be a part of the conversation and remain at top of mind for consumers.

Nikkie de Jager, better known by her YouTube channel name NikkieTutorials, is a Dutch makeup artist and beauty vlogger with 13.9M subscribers, who is wildly popular for her transformational makeup style. She teamed up with Anastasia Beverly Hills for a sponsored video recreating all the best viral makeup trends from TikTok. This video shown below, which featured the brand’s Dipbrow Pomade product, generated an astounding $492K in Media Impact Value™.

Once your YouTube creator strategy has been tailored and implemented, it’s important to measure the results of your efforts and utilize digital tools to determine impact and ROI - for more on how to track your beauty marketing efforts, download our guide below!

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