3 Top Tips For Your Content Marketing

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Launchmetrics Content Team

Content Marketing has been around for a while now, but the methods of using such a strategy are constantly changing. Content marketing is a modern form of advertising - what used to be obnoxious sales ads are now wrapped up in engaging text, images or videos. Unlike traditional advertising, content marketing is more organic and about engaging with your audience, which is ultimately about building traffic and brand awareness. We've spoken to our friends at Stylight who've spilled the beans on what good Content Marketing is and how to build the perfect strategy for your audience.

1. Have a tailored approach

As mentioned, content marketing is about keeping your audience engaged. When done right, Content Marketing allows you to communicate with your audience and create an opportunity for interaction - it's the middle ground between PR and your audience, and understanding how to take advantage of this is what will separate you from your competitors.

Everyone needs a good content marketing strategy, whether you're a large company, small company or in between. In fact, content marketing is a perfect tool for smaller brands to build awareness. It should be seen as a two-way approach. With social media and the ability to speak to your audience, leverage that opportunity. Reply and interact on social media. Adapt your content to what people are asking for.

Putting your audience first is key, but it's also important to build relationships to journalists and media. Tailoring things and knowing when to send content out to publicists is equally as important as knowing your audience. Don't send your content to people who don't fit with your story or target group.

2. Stay consistent

It's very important early on to find your DNA and stick to it. Know what you're trying to portray with your brand and focus on this one approach. Pinpoint your User Selling Point and don't shy away from it. If you're confused as to who you are, so will your audience.

If you're reliable and consistently using the type of content that people are excited about, you will have them coming back for more. Reliability and consistency are two 'major keys' when building an audience.

Once you have found your niche, great content will usually market itself. If something is funny or released in the right timing with current events, it's bound to be a hit. But don't forget that promotion is also important, going back to the point about building relationships to PR - you can always make something even bigger with publicity.

3. Timing is of the essence

There is an art to releasing content while a topic is still relevant. Finding the right timing is something Stylight has had major success with.

Your audience is more susceptible to be attracted to something that they've currently been exposed to and find relatable. Stick with the times and know what are current events. Stay alert and be constantly on the look-out for inspiration around you. Referencing a common interest that you have with your audience will help you establish a special bond.

Also, remember that social media is a powerful tool for PR. If something resonates with your audience, they will share it, so make sure to 1) find a topic that hits home, and 2) release it while it's still hot.

For more insightful tips for your content marketing, listen to our podcast with Stylight

Stylight is popularly known for their engaging content marketing campaigns such as The Minionistas that went viral and took the fashion world by storm. The Minionistas spread to the likes of Victoria Beckham, Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour.

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