#TheStrategySide Podcast: How can brands successfully enter the Chinese Market with Kim Leitzes

Launchmetrics Content Team

Welcome to the eight episode of #TheStrategySide by Launchmetrics - our podcast where we share exclusive and insightful tips on the best strategies for the fashion, luxury and cosmetics industries. This episode features a conversation with Launchmetrics' Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Kim Leitzes who discusses the challenges that brands face when entering the Chinese Market. Leitzes founded PARKLU, the leading Chinese KOL analytics platform (based in Shanghai) that was acquired by Launchmetrics in 2020.

In this episode of #TheStrategySide you will learn:

  • What are the specificities and considerations required for effective brand performance in China
  • What are the KPIs needed to track Chinese marketing activations
  • How to use measurement to inform decision-making when launching successful campaigns in China today

Take a Deeper Dive:

This episode explores how to leverage the rising influences of KOLs to gain popularity within China and how brands are attracting new costumers by targeting the right communities. With the rapid change of relevant platform in the market, this episode take a deeper dive on what are the common mistakes brands do when entering the Chinese market and how have they adapted those strategies. In order to successfully enter local markets, brands need to track data and insights to help build those specific communities and most specifically retain them. Additionally, brands should always consider competitive benchmarking to get a sense of where they can improve and grow quickly. To do so, it is essentials that companies track and analyse their data for better decision-making when launching campaigns in new market.

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