The Future of Bridal: Trends and Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic World

Lara Camagni

After a year of postponements and cancellations, brides and grooms around the world are expected to rush back to wedding planning this summer. The pandemic hit the bridal industry especially hard last year, but the fashion brands that cater to this special occasion are expecting to bounce back in 2021.

A recent Business of Fashion article has highlighted the biggest trends for the post-pandemic era: fewer custom gowns and more dresses bought straight off the rack, requests for multiple dresses and non-traditional styles, along with the e-commerce boom for wedding dresses, and overall digitalization of the sector and more attention to sustainability.

We have analyzed five bridal brands that have embraced these new trends to try and connect in a meaningful way with their audience.


The established Spanish bridal fashion brand has been riding the wave of optimism that seems to have started in the last few weeks, thanks to the global advancement of the vaccine campaign roll-outs and the ease of lockdowns around the world. Testament of this new sentiment is the performance of the brand on its social media channels, achieving $64K in Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) with a single Instagram post.

Lately, the brand has also launched the #WeDoEco campaign on its social channel, to promote a new line crafted with luxurious eco-certified fabrics, beautiful recycled laces, and gentle processes in the hope of bringing “a sigh of relief to our beloved planet”. Since the beginning of the year, the campaign has gained $277K in MIV® across 11 Instagram posts.

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Vera Wang

Vera Wang recently partnered with Spanish brand Pronovias to develop Vera Wang Bride, an exclusive collection mixing the creativity of the New York designer and the expertise of the Spanish brand. The collaboration allows both brands to explore new creative avenues, and expand into a new target audience. Since it was announced at the beginning of April, the collaboration has received 114 placements on social media platforms, with the top spot taken by a YouTube video by Victoria from Inthefrow, gaining $35K in MIV®.

YouTube video by Victoria from Inthefrow

Rosa Clará

The Barcelona-native brand, with its cutting-edge designs that celebrate individuality, romanticism, and elegance, matches the values dear to a younger generation of shoppers. Its large offering, also including non-traditional styles, is getting the attention of Millennials and Gen Zers, who crave individuality and, during this “new normal” moment brought by Covid-19, have started to crave a more informal wardrobe, even for ceremonies. Rosa Clará has embraced these new trends and, in the last month, was able to gain $214K in MIV® through 18 Instagram placements.

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As we all know, the global emergency has brought many changes and accelerated several trends such as the fast digitalization of the fashion industry. Spanish bridal brand Yolancris has shown great inventiveness and creativity to respond to the new opportunities, collaborating with Animal Crossing and offering to a new target audience a special digital world dedicated to wedding attire. This new virtual universe allowed the brand to connect with a wider audience and help solidify its already established following, which includes celebrities and Influencers such as Sophie Hermann, India Martinez, and Aida Domenech. The latter, recently posted an image wearing a Yolancris dress on her @dulceida Instagram account that gained $163K in MIV® alone.

Sophie et Voilà

The Spanish fashion brand is taking steps towards sustainability with a strong focus on materials, debuting a collection made of recycled polyester fabrics. The collection was able to appeal to a large public and the brand seems to have found a good following in the younger generations. The video of a show, published by the Brasilian FF Channel on Youtube, a platform vastly dedicated to Gen Zers, gained $14K in MIV®.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2018

The future looks bright and full of opportunities for the bridal industry as we move on towards a post-pandemic world. Brands should leverage data to identify the trends, define the objectives and make strategic and efficient decisions. To achieve this, brands need to make sure that they have the right digital tools to reach their goals and create something meaningful for their target audience.

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