Why Burberry Is A Pro At Content Marketing

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Launchmetrics Content Team

In an industry that is oversaturated with content marketing, it’s hard enough to succeed, let alone stand out.

This is precisely why Burberry’s winning content marketing strategy is one to marvel at.
It’s equally surprising that a house such as Burberry, with a storied reputation, has had the drive to consistently create such innovative content. After all, if their reputation is so great, couldn’t they get by with just the bare minimum?

Burberry didn’t rest on its laurels. They did what many labels continuously wrestle with: taking a look at their customers and examining what is exciting and important to them - and they succeed; their content marketing strategy shows us how. Read below to see a few campaigns that prove Burberry has slayed the content marketing game.

The Art of the Trench

With this campaign, Burberry decided that instead of using their usual slew of models to highlight their iconic trench campaign, they would tap into their real customer base. By opening a fashion campaign to those that actually wear the clothes, Burberry showed their customers that they were curious about how consumers were wearing their pieces, by showing off the looks on real customers.

Burberry Kisses

To promote their line of beauty products, Burberry came up with this incredibly simple campaign: Partnering with Google to use image capturing technology to detect each user’s “kiss,” they gave anyone in the world the opportunity to send a virtual kiss to someone else. They also used Google’s Street View and Google Places to help visualize the path that a kiss traveled to and from consumers. A very simple gesture that gave a fun experience to users and capitalized on millennial’s love for tech, this campaign placed the Burberry name in the back of anyone’s mind who was looking for a new beauty product.

Burberry Acoustic

Another great way to influence consumers and remember the brand is with music. In Burberry Acoustic, the brand showcases new music talent from the UK. The artists are clothed in pieces from the Burberry collection - another subtle way to influence consumers. By putting the focus on the music and not the brand, Burberry opens itself up to a whole new audience.

Snapchat Codes

Burberry used a "snapcode" to let in-store customers unlock online Snapchat content when they released their new fragrance, Mr. Burberry. Including style and fragrance content, the channel also offered viewers a look at what went on behind the scenes of the campaign. This wasn’t the first time they utilized Snapchat either - they debuted their entire Spring/Summer 2016 collection on Snapchat a day before the show. Their continued use of Snapchat shows that Burberry is not only aware of which apps millennials are obsessed with today, but that they know the types of Snapchat content they like as well.

Personalized Pinterest

Burberry is now offering users a personalized experience on Pinterest - and they’re the first luxury brand to do so! Visitors are asked three questions and their answers, along with the username’s initials, will be used to create a personalized Pinterest board. Since Pinterest is currently the largest beauty platform in the world, Burberry is smart to partner up with a site that has so many users and capitalize on the content they enjoy.

It’s clear that when it comes to content marketing, Burberry is very in-sync with what the modern-day customer wants and how he or she lives. They’re up-to-date on the latest app trends, where everyone is shopping, and how consumers want to be advertised to. They opt for personalization and connection with their campaigns, making them a brand that cares about what their consumers care about. Content marketing is all about the personal connection and Burberry has made it more personal than ever.

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