Why Copenhagen?: Insider Tips From Danish Blogger Julie Pallesen

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As part of our series on the Copenhagen fashion scene, we've sat down with Danish blogger Julie Pallesen and picked her brain. Julie is a full-time fashion & lifestyle blogger, as well as model; she also just finished her masters degree in Communication and IT from Copenhagen Business School - this girl definitely packs a punch.

What exactly drew you to fashion?

I have always been interested in fashion. Since I was 12, I started collecting international Vogue magazines, then I started designing and creating my own clothes, then I got into modelling, worked for a fashion magazine, a PR agency, and so on. One thing led to another, but I have always been very curious about trying out different aspects of the fashion industry.

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What's your favourite thing about living in Copenhagen?

I love the fact that you can cycle everywhere. I take my bike to university, the gym, to see friends, etc. The cycling life creates a chill and cozy atmosphere. Copenhagen is also a very pretty, small city and the fact that everything functions very well is also something I appreciate when coming back to Copenhagen after traveling.

Who do you think has been instrumental in shaping Copenhagen’s recent fashion trends?

I think brands like, Saks Potts, Freja Dalsjø, and Sophie Bille Brahe, have contributed to create awareness about the Copenhagen fashion scene, both in Copenhagen and internationally.

Who are your favourite Danish designers? Are there any up and coming designers we should know of?

I love the brand Raiine because the designer, Maria Leonhardt, has got a grasp of something different and cool; almost rock-n-roll basics. The two lovely girls behind Saks Potts are doing fantastic fur pieces. Also, Charlotte Eskildsen with Designer’s Remix is doing amazing collections. And in jewellery, I am in love with Sophie Bille Brahe and Gitte Soee, who is a newer designer, but she makes fantastic jewellery pieces!

What makes Copenhagen unique from other fashion capitals?

We have many design talents in Copenhagen and we are very innovative, which creates a competitive advantage in the fashion world. Also, the Fashion Summit that is hosted in Copenhagen every year is quite a stamp of acknowledgement internationally. This year, Mario Testino had an exhibition in Copenhagen, which is really amazing for little Denmark.

How is technology changing the day-to-day lives of people in Denmark?

Technology has changed the way people live their lives, because we in this century all are carrying our smartphones. In regards to fashion, we can use our smartphone for fashion updates on the various fashion magazine sites and blogs. Also, Instagram is today’s addiction and hype, which is a great way to get instant insights on fashion. So, because we use our smartphones so much, fashion is evolving from being primarily print, to digital. The digital world enables consumers to discover and explore more than on print, which is the thing I love most about it!

What are your favourite apps right now?

My favorite apps are: Spotify, as I always listen to music and I love listening to new music and creating playlists etc. and of course, Instagram is amazing; I obviously use it a lot! Moreover, WordPress, is a practical app for my blog. Dropbox, WeatherPro, Houseseven etc. are my useful apps for organising, checking the weather status of my destinations, and for inspiration.

What do you think is missing in the Danish fashion industry?

I don't think you can ever say that a city has enough brands – there is always space for new, amazing brands, as long as they have a concept and stay true to that concept and vision, then I think it is worth creating.
I think we have a lot of beauty, fashion, jewellery, furniture etc. If something is missing, then that should be more niche brands – brands who are focused on something very specific, and in good quality!

Haven't had enough of Julie? You can follow her around the world on Instagram or check out her amazing blog: This Way by Pallesen

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