Why Copenhagen?: Get Inspired By The Copenhagen Fashion Scene

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An Introduction to the fashion scene in Denmark’s capital

Copenhagen fashion scene

Image: Thefashionmedley

This month, we are putting the spotlight on Scandinavia as we take a closer look at the Copenhagen fashion scene. Danes just seem to have a natural knack for style and dressing well, as you undoubtedly may have witnessed across the web in various style blogs of the Scandinavian fashion elite. Danish style is characterised by clean lines, lots of black or solid colors, undone hair, and often incorporates some sort of sportswear item - Danes have been doing athleisure before it became a global phenomenon, showing off their natural skills in nonchalant dressing all this time. Most of Copenhagen’s inhibitants use their bicycles to get around everywhere, therefore staying quite active on a daily basis and simultaneously supporting eco-friendliness.

Copenhagen Fashion Week, like a handful of other fashion weeks, has evolved from being an industry-only event to a celebration that invites the public to take part in festivities celebrating Danish fashion, under the name Copenhagen Fashion Festival. Copenhagen Fashion Week is until today the largest fashion event in the Nordic region.

Design is at the heart of Copenhagen - many Danish designers are recognised internationally, bringing the Nordic aesthetics of architecture, furniture, and textile together. Danish design runs true to its Scandinavian tradition of simplicity and clean lines, which is showcased in the Danish Design Museum.

For the rest of the month, we'll be interviewing a few of this Scandi city's natives, getting the inside scoop of what's hot and what's not. We've also put together an infographic that should help you swiftly navigate through the must-sees and must-knows of this fabulous city.

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