Why Copenhagen?: We Ask Stephanie, Project Manager at Kopenhagen Fur

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Next in our Why Copenhagen Series, we've spoken to Stephanie Pabotoy, Project Manager at Kopenhagen Fur, the world's largest fur auction house and leading provider of fur. Stephanie is the epitome of a Copenhagen urban girl - living in central Vesterbro (or the unofficial, spin-off name Danes gave it: 'Vesterbronx') both funny and cool, she's the person everyone wants to be friends with, including us.

Tell us a little bit about what you do...

I'm a Project Manager at Kopenhagen Fur, mainly doing collaborations with fashion brands who wish to integrate fur as a material in their collection, thus learning about the value chain too.

How do you think Copenhagen is changing as a trendsetter city?

I think we always have had a love for simplicity, functionality, which is reflected in our design and fashion, now we are just internationally recognised for it. I think Copenhagen is a great city for creatives and start-ups - especially the younger generation, as they tend not to be afraid to try things that are 'out of the box'.copenhagen

Do you think Danish fashion is growing worldwide?

Yes, no doubt about that. I think the branding of ‘Scandinavian/Danish design/fashion’ is strong in itself. Internationally, people will generally have some kind of assumption that Danish fashion stands for quality and minimalistic design. Besides that, I think many of the Danish brands create ready-to-wear clothing with attitude and for those who have mastered the art of storytelling are on the path to global success.

What are the most seen trends in Copenhagen at the moment?

Fashion-wise, it’s the raw look of the bomber jacket (MUF10), and that people are finding and reusing their own or older siblings' clothing from the 90's.

Are there any up and coming Danish designers we should know of?

The girls from Saks Potts, Han Kjøbenhavn, and a new "surfer-vibe" brand called Pleasant, that's actually owned by the brother of Jacob Berliner (of Soulland).

What do you think makes Copenhagen unique to other cities in terms of fashion?

The cool way Danes put together everyday outfits by mixing basic design and colours, and then adding an edge with a cool accessory.

What kind of technology is growing amongst fashion circles in Denmark?

I think one new interesting concept is called Veras, where you can become a member by paying 179 Danish Kroner per month. The membership gives you access to exchange your old clothes for points, that can be exchanged for other vintage or secondhand clothes. I really like this idea, since you're giving up clothes you'll never use and instead of just letting it collect dust in your closet, somebody else will use it, and you'll get something you will use instead.

What do you think is missing in the Danish fashion industry?

New, fresh faces who are not afraid to think globally from the very beginning.

Outside of Denmark, where do you think Danish brands are most popular?

That's hard to say, however since I’ve been working in Asia a lot, I can proudly tell from my experience that Japanese and Koreans are very inspired by Danish fashion brands and styles.

What are your favourite places to shop in Copenhagen?

Kyoto on Istedgade and Rezet at Rådhusstræde, since I'm a total sneaker freak!

Follow Stephanie's wonderful life on Instagram @stephaniepabotoy

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