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#StateofInfluence: An Interview with Cristiana Monfardini of FENDI

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We hope you have been enjoying our #StateofInfluence series so far! We are back with another interview from our 2019 State of Influencer Marketing Report.

In the second installment of our #StateofInfluence series, we spoke with Cristiana Monfardini, Fendi's Worldwide Communications Director of 12 years. F IS FOR... FENDI (think Fendi's millennial sister) was "conceived to create and share an experience online and offline in order to translate the Fendi DNA to a younger generation" and is Monfardini's brainchild. F IS FOR... FENDI is a 360° communication platform, featuring collaborations with the likes of popular music artist Billie Eilish, NBA star Jordan Clarkson, and supermodel Winnie Harlow, sparking interest and relatability for audiences from a variety of different angles.

#StateofInfluence: An Interview with Cristiana Monfardini of FENDI

What led to the inception of F is For Fendi?

When I conceived F IS FOR… FENDI in 2017, I thought of it as a point of view that celebrates the FENDI DNA in a complementary way to FENDI. Our Roman heritage, daring creativity, craftsmanship and our strong link with the design world are key values that are relevant to both Millennials and Gen Z. With F IS FOR…FENDI, I want to share these values with an authentic tone of voice, creating a real enriching conversation.

How do you feel influencer marketing has helped you better communicate your brand story?

With F IS FOR…FENDI our approach to influencer marketing is authentic and inclusive. We always value people before followers, celebrating talent and creativity worldwide. We continuously build our DNA on dialogue and exchange with the youngest generations.

How did you go about choosing the right influencers to represent F is For Fendi?

I like to experiment by involving upcoming yet unexpected creatives. They come from very different fields, ranging from art and music to extreme sports worldwide. We have collaborated with Jackson Wang, Nigel Sylvester, Astrid S, but most of all we are nourishing our conversation with the Graffiti world, both in Rome and globally, keeping it relevant and alive. We are depicting a new direction for the FENDI craftsmanship. I love to say that at FENDI we “rock the craFF”.

F is For Fendi has been described as a platform “by millennials, for millennials to share honest content and experiences,” how do you maintain this authenticity when working with influencers?

We look for millennial influencers who want to express their real talent and messages. The new generation is not vapid and haunted by filters, it totally digs talent and meaningful behaviors. The secret is keeping a real conversation with them, not only communicating but also listening to them. It is surprising how much you can learn from the new generations.

How has F is For Fendi allowed you to reach out to consumers in ways you couldn’t before?

Brands are competing for millennial mindshare, trying to understand how to successfully engage with them starting from the company values.  I wanted to start from the Millennials point of view. I decided to break down the levels between me and my team of Millennials to make this concept successful and relevant since the beginning. I avoided top-down old models to build up a platform made by Millennials for Millennials. What comes out is an open space where all contents are native, true, even imperfect.

Measurement is still a challenge for brands: What factors do you consider judging whether influencer campaigns were successful?

KPI varies according to the main objective of the campaign. With F SI FOR… FENDI we measure the success of our initiatives through online and offline engagement with our audience. All of our content is 100% organic to stay true to our community.

What challenges do you foresee for fashion, luxury, and cosmetics brands in terms of influencer marketing?

I think the biggest challenge for brands working in this industry is being able to walk unexplored paths. Not focusing only on the “biggest” influencer of the year according to rankings, charts, or the number of followers but trying to engage with those that are linked to your brand values and who can relate to them.

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