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#FashionTalks: David Noël, Consultant and Co-Founder of Role Models

Samira Hersom

When Role Models was founded in 2015, the initial concept was to connect the local startup and tech community in Berlin with women as role models. This idea evolved quickly to Role Models now being a global community of people that are connected to the idea that everyone can learn from each other. While Role Models started off with intimate live events only, a series of weekly podcasts was added in 2017 in which inspiring women tell about their approaches to career, personal life and challenges. Role Models was created by David Noël, who we were able to interview for this podcast, and Isabelle Sonnenfeld who is, apart from her role at Role Models, Head of News Lab at Google for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Together, their mission is to inspire the next generation of global leaders by sharing the stories of women they look up to.

David Noël of Role Models, from the music biz to the tech industry

In this podcast, we had the chance to meet David Noël who is the co-founder of Role Models and is former VP Community and Communications Director at SoundCloud. Raised in Belgium, David followed his dream to work in the music industry and moved to Cologne where he long worked at an independent record label, signing bands and touring with them. In 2006 he spontaneously transitioned to the, at that time still emerging, tech industry and joined Soundcloud where he worked for 8 years and helped build up the community. It wasn’t until last year that David left Soundcloud to pursue his career as an independent consultant for tech companies in the areas of culture, communication and leadership and concentrate more on the project Role Models.

Throughout the podcast, David continues to share his career journey and tells us how he and Isabelle started Role Models as an experiment and how it evolved into a platform to inspire and get inspired. Tune in below to discover how David is fighting for female empowerment, who his personal role models are and how he tackles the issue of equality for women.

Listen to “#FashionTalks: David Noël, Consultant and Co-Founder of Role Models” on Spreaker.

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Samira Hersom

Inspired by travel and culture, Samira enjoys drawing from her experiences in PR and marketing from various countries in her writing. She now resides in London where she spearheads international marketing campaigns. Catch her @mirrorswithin

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