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#TheStrategySide: Understanding the Impact of Digital Assets with Arnaud Roy

Ben Taylor

digital asset management podcast

It’s time for the third installment of #TheStrategySide by Launchmetrics – our podcast series that takes a closer look at the best strategies for the fashion, luxury and beauty industries. For today’s episode, and in light of Launchmetrics’ acquisition of IMAXtree, we sit down with the company’s Chief Strategy Officer, Arnaud Roy, to talk about digital asset management and the impact assets have on businesses. What’s more, is we discuss why maintaining brand consistency across all marketing activity is paramount today. In this episode of #TheStrategySide you will learn: 

  • Why digital assets and effective management of them has become a priority in recent years.
  • The scenarios that are unique to the fashion, luxury and beauty industries and how assets shape buying decisions.
  • How brand equity has become the most important financial asset of companies.
  • What insights the measurement of digital assets can reveal to marketing to increase brand performance.

Take a Deeper Dive: In the second episode of #TheStrategySide we spoke to Alison Bringé about the importance of measuring marketing investments effectively in an era of increasing consumer touchpoints. For this installment, we examine how digital assets have become one of the most valuable commodities for companies in driving brand consistency across these consumer touchpoints and the implications they have throughout the entire business. With 60% of marketing budgets, today being allocated to the creation of content, its distribution and promotion, the C-suite need an effective way to measure the performance of these assets. By having an understanding of the assets that work and in which format, as well as knowing which audience and which channel is optimal, marketing teams can streamline their digital asset management strategy and improve ROI. This is something that Launchmetrics is moving towards with the acquisition of IMAXtree, expanding the company’s Brand Performance Cloud capabilities, and helping brands to create and measure experiences designed to attract today’s modern consumer.

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Ben TaylorContent & Social Media Manager

Crazy about content and the impact it has on audiences, Ben is channeling his creativity through the role of Content & Social Media Manager. Originally from England and now based in Madrid, he previously lived la dolce vita in Italy, where he worked in fashion! In his free time, you'll find exploring new places or at concerts, and even djing on the weekends.

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