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#LaunchmetricsProTips Chapter 4: Enhance your brand experience remotely and digitally

Gina Gulberti

In this new series #LaunchmetricsProTips, we will walk you through Launchmetrics’ Brand Performance Cloud, as well as its different solutions and applications. Through short videos, discover all the benefits and features that each app has to offer, starting with Events. Today, we will talk you through how to enhance your remote and digital brand experience.

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Fashion and beauty event organizers have had to pivot their strategy due to the current pandemic and thus, to stay connected with their network and customers, they have started to build strategies focused on digital brand experiences. 

What does a digital event strategy look like? 

As we have moved to a mix of working in the office and working remotely, we will see more interest in digital events and potentially a growth in attendance. But at the heart of any event strategy, the focus is on building a connection and creating a memorable experience. With a digital format, the touchpoints need to be clearer and smoother so that the guests can simply click and enjoy the experience without any headaches or confusion. Ultimately, if the flow isn’t smooth, it may lead to drop off and potentially a negative sentiment towards the brand or event organizers. 

Why not check out our Launchmetrics #ProTips videos to deep dive into the full digital brand experience flow:


How do the logistics of a digital event differ from an in-person event? 

At the heart of it, events bring guests together to learn, discover or celebrate and whether that is in-person or online, it always begins with an invitation. Thus, a digital event also warrants an invitation, but also requires an extra email, which includes the Event URL Link. Without this link, the guests will not be able to join the digital event. It is ultimately the entrance into the event. 

Then you get into your digital events flow, which ideally has a beginning, middle and end, sort of like an “Event Burger”. You begin with a pre-event environment where you can highlight the event date, add a countdown clock to the event and maybe mention what the event is about. A pre-event page can give you a glimpse into what is to come and allows you to build a branded environment and preview before entering the event. Creating a pre-event page to countdown to the event may help build anticipation and excitement around the event. 

Digital Brand Experience


From there, you move to the “middle” or your event presentation itself. Here, you can add a textbox or images to complement your video presentation that can be connected via the embedding with YouTube or Vimeo. 

Lastly, having a post-event page to end off the conversation and add contact details could help close the event. highlighting the next steps. Thus, these branded interactions create a digital experience that could transform the consumer’s and guest’s opinion of your brand. 

The digital events flow that is built in Events by Launchmetrics helps create a simple way to connect with your guests digitally, and everything is managed on one platform from the invitations, the event flow and measuring the attendance and RSVPs as well. This definitely comes in handy when building your digital event, wherever you are. Ultimately, having a digital events management platform will help when building your digital event and managing the online customer experience. 

The best part is that the digital events features are just a part of the product, and you can also build your in-person events, including a seating chart builder and invitation functionalities as well. All together in Events by Launchmetrics. 

Why not check out for our next #LaunchmetricsProTips to continue exploring how to measure your event’s success in real-time?

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