#TheStrategySide: How Digital Events Impact Brand Performance

Gina Gulberti

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'Event marketing' has probably been one of the most searched terms in the last few months. With the global pandemic affecting thousands of shows, product presentations, and events, many fashion, luxury, and beauty brands are wondering what the alternative is for launching their collections in the future. In this new episode of #TheStrategySide we talk to Mark Brewster, Customer Success Manager at Launchmetrics. After years of experience supporting clients during their launches at New York Fashion Week and other events, Mark talks about the future of event marketing, as well as the opportunities that can come from the digitization of these types of marketing tactics. In this episode of #TheStrategySide you will learn:

  • The impact that events have on brand performance and how event marketing strategies have changed in recent months.
  • What the challenges are when it comes to organizing digital events today and what will happen with physical events.
  • How to replicate the pre-event digitally in order to build momentum and exclusive experiences.
  • The best practices when launching collections from a digital stage.

Launchmetrics · #TheStrategySide: How Digital Events will Impact Brand Performance

Take a Deeper Dive

According to 93% of marketers, one of the largest investments next year within marketing budgets will be the virtual organization of events. This is not surprising considering most Fashion Weeks have chosen this season to move to the digital scene. One of the pioneers was Paris Fashion Week with their Haute Couture and Men's seasons in July. Thanks to its collaboration with Launchmetrics, we were able to develop a platform adapted to an online format that allowed designers to show their collections in a different way - but no less creative and innovative. However, the launch of products and collections in a 100% digital format raises many doubts and challenges for which technology is the main answer.

In recent months Launchmetrics has been working on adapting its technology to meet the needs of an industry that is becoming more digital. In our last webinar, we presented the step-by-step process for organizing impactful virtual events and digitizing your collections next season showing some of these features that will help professionals in the sector at this key moment.

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