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What to Expect From Performance by Launchmetrics

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With our upcoming digital summit less than one week away, we are closer to the first industry event on brand performance and welcoming speakers from around the globe who are experts in fashion, luxury, beauty, and marketing. In today's article, we will take you through all of the digital sessions we are hosting, with key insights from some of our speakers as well as what to expect from the all-day marketing summit.

Brand Performance: How to Maintain and Increase your most Important Financial Asset

Performance by Launchmetrics is dedicated to helping brands understand how they can improve their brand performance by focusing on equity and values, and investing in the most important marketing streams in order to do so. Our CEO, Michael Jaïs, will kick off the day with a keynote speech explaining brand performance and why it is so crucial today. This will set the stage for the rest of the panel sessions, which will focus on what you can actually do to increase this financial asset, and drive ROI as a brand.

The New Channels Reshaping the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has had a unique trajectory, with influencer marketing having a significant impact on the success of new, direct to consumer brands. Today, these channels are still key in driving sales and awareness for brands, with Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube helping to build a community around the beauty industry as a whole. In this discussion, we will hear from Rae Giron - Sr. Manager, PR & Influencer Marketing of Tatcha, Antonia Baildam - Beauty Brand Partnerships Lead at TikTok, Michael Benson - Marketing Director of Church & Dwight UK, and Priya Rao - Executive Editor of Glossy.

Influencer Marketing: How to Stay Relevant Creating Relatable Content with Key Opinion Leaders

Straight after our first break, we will delve into an exciting session with Rachna Shah - Managing Director PR & Digital at KCD and Reena Rai, Creator Content Lead at Pinterest on influencer marketing. During the discussion, we will talk through the ways in which 2020 has redirected marketing budgets in the influencer space, and the shift in demand for the types of content consumers want to see on their feeds. Reena and Rachna will also offer insights on the best strategies in influencer marketing and content creation moving forward.

Is the Future in Asia? Brand Strategies Connecting with Consumers from East to West

At 14:00 CET, both Kim Leitzes (CEO, Parklu) and Tina Ting (Marketing Director, Allbirds) will take the stage in a fireside chat to discuss the brand strategies that are really working when connecting consumers from East to West. This is particularly key for brands wanting to expand into Asian markets, as Kim notes "the greatest challenge for most luxury brands in China is understanding the social e-commerce ecosystems and vastly different cultural norms." 

Transforming the Future of Fashion Weeks

For the first time, the leaders of the four largest fashion councils across the globe will come together in a discussion on the outlook of the future of fashion week. Moderated by Executive Editor of ODDA Magazine, Jessica Michault, the panel will include:

  • Pascal Morand, Executive President, FHCM
  • Steven Kolb, Chief executive Officer, CFDA
  • Caroline Rush, Chief executive Officer, BFC
  • Carlo Capasa, President, CNMI

The discussion will touch on the new phygital fashion weeks that have been successfully executed in each region, as well as the potential shifts we may see in fashion weeks in the coming years.

digital marketing summit

The Future is Now: Leveraging Online Channels to Connect with the New Luxury Consumer

Antonio Carriero - Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Breitling, will be joined by award-winning Journalist Laurie Brookins to discuss how the luxury landscape is changing. The duo will discuss the new luxury consumer and how brands are shifting their strategies and leveraging new channels in order to win them over, in a fireside chat.

Standing out Within the Market: The Art of Benchmarking against your Competitors in an Over-crowded Industry

Following our second break, Launchmetrics CMO, Alison Bringé will introduce the late afternoon sessions with a keynote talk on how brands can effectively benchmark against their competitors using data analytics and insights in order to stand out in a crowded industry. The fashion, luxury, and beauty playing fields are only growing and today it is key for brands to optimize their digital strategies in order to understand where they stand within the market and use this to increase their overall brand performance.

Digital Collection Launches in Times of COVID: Building Experiences Adapted to Online Channels

Following Alison's keynote, we will hear from Dior's Social Media and e-Reputation Director, Gary Pinagot, and LinkedIn's Head of Luxury, Tatiana Dupond. Alongside Launchmetrics' Tatiana Ferreira they will discuss how brands can create digital experiences that move consumers in a time when in-person events and launches are no longer the norm.

An Opportunity for Sustainability: Rebuilding a More Environmentally Conscious Industry

In our final panel of the day, we will look to the future by discussing how brands can improve their internal processes in order to rebuild a more environmentally conscious industry. Diana Verde Nieto of Positive Luxury, Anya Hindmarch, Nicolaj Reffstrup (Cofounder, Ganni), and journalist and author of Fashionopolis, Dana Thomas will join together to speak on what brands are doing today, as well as what they can do tomorrow to put responsibility at the forefront of their business models.

We hope you are just as excited to join us for our upcoming digital summit and to hear all of the marketing insights our incredible list of speakers have to offer. If you haven't yet registered for the digital summit, and want to learn about marketing strategies that are applicable for your brand there's still time to join us - just click the banner below!

digital marketing summit

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