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#LaunchmetricsProTips Chapter 3: Digitize & Manage your Perfect Seating Chart with Ease

Gina Gulberti

In this new series #LaunchmetricsProTips, we will walk you through Launchmetrics’ Brand Performance Cloud, as well as its different solutions and applications. Through short videos, discover all the benefits and features that each app has to offer, starting with Events. Today, we will talk you through how to create a digital seating chart with ease!

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Organizing an in-person event can be fun and a real headache at the same time. This depends on the number of changes made along the way. One element that often gets adjusted is the seating chart. 

Now if you have ever seen Ocean’s 8, it’s about a heist at a major fashion event, the Met Gala, which happens on the First Monday in May. During the movie, it shows that Vogue plans their seating chart with post-its and a huge poster board. 

Why have a physical seating chart board when you can digitalize and manage your perfect seating chart easily? 

So, say goodbye to your post-its and pencils and say hello to building and editing your seating chart exactly how you want. This will come in handy when you are planning your in-person brand, product, campaign/collection launch. 

In this latest #LaunchmetricsProTips video, you will learn how to create and organize your digital seating chart. 

With an easy editor, you can simply drag and drop your seats, tables, and different shapes including runways and text labels. From there, you can simply allocate your invitees from your invitee manager directly into your digital seating plan! Feel free to label your guests with different colored labels so you can keep track of their titles, roles, or companies. Having digital seating particularly comes in handy when you don't want to start from scratch because there are pre-created templates for fashion weeks and events at your disposal, and every time you have an in-person event, you can go back to these templates to use them as your seating chart base. 

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Using a digital seating chart can also increase internal efficiency between any team that is working on the event. You can easily and quickly share it as a PDF, image, or via email instead of taking a picture which may reduce in resolution or clarity and have your team members having to put in more effort reading the chart than they are managing the event. 

Without scratching your head about it, you can really see where everyone sits and then welcome them directly to the seat. This can also work for planning events that are not seated either because it will allow you to really visualize the in-person event space and which tables or props will go where. For example, if you are hosting a beauty event, you may have different booths for makeup, skincare, and haircare, and the seating chart will allow you to plan your event and space accordingly! 

From launch parties to campaign launch dinners, why not learn how you can digitize and manage the perfect seating chart easily? 

Check out for our next #LaunchmetricsProTips to continue exploring how to create an engaging brand experience and increase your brand performance. 

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