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5 Examples Of Events With Influencers

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Alicia Perez

In our 2015 study on the status and practice of influencer engagement, we extracted some interesting findings that are the motivation for this article. Of the 600 professionals that took our survey, 70% of them found that the best way to interact with influencers and get effective results was through campaign events.

So — with event management in mind — here are 5 examples of best practices when hosting events with influencers that provide a wide range of tactics to create a dynamic communication strategy.


We are going to start off with tourism events. This industry originally had greatest number of influencer marketing collaborations for events — especially with instagrammers.

The famous Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai and Beautiful Destination organised this event, inviting 10 of the world’s most influential instagrammers. With a combined audience of 18 million, these influencers visited the city and enjoyed in all of the hotel’s 5 star activities. The results were massive: 25,000 comments and 3.2 million new social media followers.


As a result of this campaign and a few more over the course of a year, Jumeirah won an award for being the hotel with the best social media presence in the world, generating over six million likes, views and comments on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.

See the following video with Instagrammer, Jenn Im, talks about her experience:

Vídeo: Jenn Goes To Dubai

Instagram: went to Dubai for two days for the #WorldsUltimateInstameet. It’s an event where 5 winners and 5 digital influencers met up to document our trip. Huge thank you to Beautiful Destinations and the Jumeirah team for sending and housing me at the Burj Al Arab. ↬ DUBAI INFO ↫I was sent to Dubai by Beautiful Destinations: stayed at the Burj Al Arab:↬ CAMERA EQUIPMENT ↫- Edited on Final Cut Pro- Filmed with a Canon T3i // Rokinon Fisheye↬ MUSIC ↫- DJ Grumble l Lebanese: swim good x DRK l Party In the USA: Spazzkid l Promise: Montmarte l Inside of Me (Robotaki RMX): Beautiful Destinations sent me to Dubai to document my trip. Burj Al Arab provided the suites. No one is paying me to make this video.



Have you ever heard a song that made you remember something in particular? Maybe it’s a song that reminds you of concert you went to last summer. Whatever song it is, Spotify has got it for you. Based on this idea, they created the #ThatSongWhen campaign that asked users to share tracks that were important to their lives using that hashtag.

Influencers like Kenzie Nimmo or Vincent Marcus were asked to participate in the campaign event online to drive more engagement on the platform.


Spotify was able to boost their brand image and get their message across by linking music through great experiences. Nostalgia is definitely a community motivator, we all have those emotions.


Chevrolet’s campaign shows that carmakers don’t settle for just the approval of industry experts — they want others to participate, too. That’s why they invited 20 social media influencers to participate in sharing the unique experience of their latest product launch: a new SUV. The model represents adventure and the desire to do things differently, and that’s exactly what the influencers shared on their campaign.


The brand focussed on two cities in the US: Chicago and New York. Every participant enjoyed customised itineraries according to their tastes to later share with their communities.


This campaign was thrown by Kohl’s to promote a new range of sport products. The online strategy was based on blogs and supported by social media. The brand chose 10 influencers that were active in the sports industry that used the product while offering exercising tips.
These bloggers were sports experts and were backed by extensive communities with a total of 98,000 fans on Facebook and 149,000 on Twitter.


Maiah Ocando is an extremely fashion fashion and beauty blogger. Here Youtube channel has an average of 200,000 views per video, and she has been nominated several times for the Streamy Awards that landed her a contract with ABC.

Having shot to fame, Maiah is invited to many events as a key influencer among millennials in the United States — she gets invited to events like the Dalai Lama’s birthday, for example.

She tells us about her experience:

“I’m going to confess something: Most of the things I do with brands are arranged by my Creative Director, Gabriel, and generally speaking I’m paid to do them… However, anything I talk about has to be part of my life, it has to interest me in some way, and has to work organically as part of our digital narrative. In fact, our strategy is so honest that we have no qualms about admitting we’re on a brand’s payroll.”

She also explains how by participating in these events she strives to raise the visibility of whatever brand she is promoting — to connect with new audiences and carve out new markets.

#RaceToEraseMS is an annual event held in Hollywood to auction items raising money for, and awareness on, MS (multiple sclerosis) in the US. They invited me to sign a guitar with other digital creators and upload a picture or something about it. We did a really kooky, fun and beautiful video and promoted it tirelessly online. Firstly, because it was a good cause, and secondly because we don’t do things by halves. The day of the gala my video was presented by Jack Osbourne (son of Ozzy Osbourne) and broadcast on Access Hollywood around the country. I didn’t get paid a dime for it, but I was exposed to 300 million homes and at the gala I networked with true stars and brands that are dying to work with us since then.”


These are just 5 examples of events with influencers that serve as a reference to several powerful campaigns run in collaboration with strong opinion leaders. There are so many more events that rely on influencer marketing tactics to generate positive results. Do you have any that you’d like to share with us?

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