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Technology Influences in Fashion

Launchmetrics Content Team

On average, young adults spend almost five total hours a day on their phones – almost a third of the time they are awake. And most don’t even realize it. According to a study conducted by a British psychologist, Richard House, there is a vast lack of awareness around people and noticing how much time they spend on their phones.

With technology encompassing every part of our lives (more specifically, a full third), it’s only natural that it influences what we wear. Check out the following fashion tech trends being utilized for our wardrobes:

Fashion-Tech, Multi-Function Accessories

We’ve been seeing wearable tech jewelry for a while now, but now it’s really starting to look like jewelry. The following are just a few of the accessories catching our eyes:

  • Stylish Chargers. We love this black and gold piece from Rebecca Minkoff – talk about never being without a charger!
  • Smart Watches. Not that this is anything new, but we still love the fact that Apple watches are sleek enough to blend in with our outfits.
  • Fitness Chic. 
    > On the same note of tech bracelets that aren’t distracting, this Fitbit bracelet from Tory Burch is one we’d easily slip on for the day.
    > The Aeros sports bra from Chromat tracks temperature, how much you’re sweating and stress levels, all while changing the shape of the bra to support the person wearing it optimize comfort levels. Sign us up!
  • Phone Case Clutches. We used to love the phone case + wallet combination, but let’s be honest: we’re due for an upgrade. This cute phone case clutch from Dolce & Gabbana gives us just that.

Rent, Don’t Buy

In a world where paying a Netflix subscription fee gets you access to thousands of movies, why shouldn’t the same apply to fashion? While Rent the Runway has been around for some time now, retailers are now considering giving customers the option of renting high-end clothes instead of buying them. Applying a tech model to fashion, is the ultimate representation of “fashion tech”.

On-Demand Services

Consumers love on-demand services. When it comes time to choosing getting something in real time versus waiting a few days, most consumers are going to prefer real time. Companies like RushLook and Everlane, who allow you to shop online and then receive your clothes in real time, are optimizing on this desire and testing the waters.

Subscription Services

In a somewhat similar vein to the Netflix analogy, consumers love subscriptions – and fashion companies have been getting this hint for a little while now. Services such as Rocksbox, Glossybox, Birchbox, etc. are sending you samples of products every month and you get to pick what you keep – at a discounted price! Trunk Club also has womens clothing now, so get to chatting with a stylist to get great styles sent to your door!

Technology Inspired Workouts

There’s a new tech-inspired workout regimen at Asphalt Green in NYC – a workout that guides you through your exercises with LED lights and touch-sensitive floors and walls. By keeping you engaged both physically and mentally, this new workout is definitely worth trying out.

With technology constantly evolving and becoming more innovative, businesses need to learn how to integrate tech into their organization and supply chain. Tech, and fashion tech specifically, can change the way that processes are done and speed up efficiency – something that will be vital as other organizations become more tech savvy and use tech to get a leg up on competition in their markets.

Where could your organization use help in the efficiency department? Is there a tech solution for something your business has been struggling with? Start doing some digging and find where you can get your competitive advantage.

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