FW22: Fashion Week's Top Performers

Gina Gulberti

As pandemic restrictions loosen, Fashion Week returns to the spotlight as a creative source for inspiration and commentary on our lives. This season we saw brands build unique and momentous shows with outstanding results in Media Impact Value™(MIV®), showcasing newly leveraged Voices and collaborations and their strong influence on brand performance.

In this article, we breakdown key insights from the Fall/Winter 22 season by Fashion Week, offering a spotlight of the top brands that left an impression on the season.

Men’s Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week

Despite brands like Gucci, Giorgio Armani, and JW Anderson postponing physical events, this year’s Milan Fashion Week generated considerable buzz, amassing $24M in Media Impact Value™ across 7.6K placements. Unexpectedly, Korea ranked the 3rd highest MIV® generating country for MFW, after the US and Italy. This is likely due to several famous Korean stars posting Milan FW22 brand related content. 

We saw strong Celebrity and Influencer Voices at this event, with brands including international celebrities in their FW22 campaigns. Coming in 2nd for highest performing brand, Fendi generated $3.7M in MIV®. Their highest performing social post was by Thai actor, Sky Wongravee, whose single Instagram post promoting the show garnered $77K in MIV®.

We saw luxury label Dolce & Gabbana garner $2.7M in MIV®. Notably, they relied heavily on press coverage for promoting their show, with 92% of their MIV® coming from Media Voices. Surprisingly, Vietnam was ranked fourth-highest in MIV® by country, thanks to Dolce & Gabbana maintaining favorability from featuring their first Vietnamese model on the catwalk in the SS21 season.

Milan Fashion Week FW22 top brands by MIV®

Brand Spotlight: Prada

Prada ranked first in Milan Fashion Week and generated more than $10.2M MIV®. Their increased focus on Celebrity and Influencer Voices made up almost 50% of their total MIV® and even gained them $2.6M more in MIV® this season. This success was demonstrated largely from Jeff Goldblum, Kyle Maclachlan, and several other celebrities walking the runway. Proving Prada’s strong Celebrity Voice, an Instagram post promoting Prada’s Triangle Bag and their FW22 show from South- Korean actor, Song Kang, generated more than $990K in MIV® for the luxury house.

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week (PFW) received even more attention this season generating $50.6M MIV®, an impressive increase from last year’s $40M MIV®. 

Notably, Ami Paris landed 4th in the top ranking for brands this season, garnering $4.6M MIV® with their show held in the historical Palais Brongniart. Boasting the second-highest performing brand this Fashion Week was Dior with an outstanding $11M in MIV®, a $3M increase from their FW21 season. Their Owned Media Voice proved to be an important role this year contributing $803K towards their total MIV®. To add, their unexpected collaboration with Birkenstocks featured in their FW22 collection, made up 15% of their total MIV®.

This Fashion Week also saw Kenzo present their first collection with the previously eponymous designer and now Artistic Director, Nigo. With an MIV® of $6.6M, Kenzo ranked 3rd for highest performing brand for PFW. The show’s star studded front row brought immense media buzz, with various hip-hop artists such as Kanye, Pharrell, and Tyler the Creator being mentioned in more than 50% of placements related to the brand.

Paris Fashion Week FW22 top brands by MIV®

Brand Spotlight: Louis Vuitton

The biggest highlight coming from PFW this season was Louis Vuitton’s collection presentation from late menswear artistic director, Virgil Abloh. The luxury house topped the brand rankings generating $16M in MIV®, with nearly 50% of placements referring to Virgil. Not only did the brand garner $2.23M in MIV® through their Owned Media Channels, but their total was also greatly impacted by Celebrity Voices. Thanks to Virgil’s vast influence, numerous celebrities and influencers attended the show in homage to the late designer. Notably, Naomi Campbell’s appearance alone generated $1.1M in Media Impact Value™ for Louis Vuitton.

Women’s Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) generated $117M in Media Impact Value™, aided by the influx of celebrities returning to the scene, such as Julia Fox’s appearance, which was mentioned across 1.1K placements and in turn contributed $4.6M in MIV® towards NYFW.

Michael Kors made a splash this season, ranking 1st for brand performance by garnering an MIV® of $13.9M. Their top performance was largely attributed to their Owned Media approach, which generated 27% of their overall MIV®. Second to this was their Influencer Voice, with a top placement from Bella Hadid on their runway generating over $2M MIV® in media echo.

Similarly, Coach also took a Voice-centric approach leveraging their Owned Media, and helped land them 2nd place in the brand rankings with a Media Impact Value™ of $7.5M. Ultimately, $2.6M came from the buzz generated by celebrities like Euphoria star, Angus Cloud, and Megan Thee Stallion in their front row. 

New York Fashion Week FW22 top brands by MIV®

Brand Spotlight: Carolina Herrera

Making a big return to NYFW, Carolina Herrara generated $6.4M in MIV®, landing them in third place for MIV® generation, moving them up from 10th in the FW20 season. This included top Instagram posts from Alexandra Daddario and Leonnie Hanne bringing in $636K and $331K in MIV® respectively. Proving their main highlight this season was their strong Celebrity and Influencer Voice which made up 21% of their total MIV®. 

London Fashion Week

This season’s London Fashion Week (LFW) saw an impressive number of emerging and growing brands with strong media coverage. The week garnered a total MIV® of $40.4M, with brands like Molly Goddard, Supriya Lee, and Roksanda each generating more than $1.5M Media Impact Value™, landing them in the top 10 ranks for brand performance.

Bringing a fairytale inspired show this year, Simone Rocha was the top performing brand this LFW garnering an MIV® of $3.4M. Their Irish fable inspired show was heavily cited in press coverage 85% of their total MIV came solely from their Media Voice.

The recent LVMH Prize winning designer, Nensi Dojaka, took the second spot at LFW with $2.9M in MIV®. The brand’s Influencer Voice made up 14% of their overall MIV®, which was significantly higher than other top 10 LFW brands. 

London Fashion Week FW22 top brands by MIV®

Brand Spotlight: Richard Quinn

Richard Quinn took a unique Voice Approach opting out of social media with no MIV® coming from Owned Media, this effort ranked them 3rd, generating $2.8M in MIV®. The fashion label heavily relied on their Media and Influencer Voices which in turn contributed to 92% and 7% of their MIV® respectively. This goes to show that having a well planned Voice Mix can go a long way in brand performance.

Milan Fashion Week

With the enormous buzz surrounding Milan Fashion Week (MFW) we saw the Fashion Week generate $171M in MIV® across more than 33K placements. A key driver for conversations were Celebrity and Influencer Voices contributing to 13% and 23% of the total MIV® respectively.

We saw Gucci carry over the spirit of collaborations this season with their collection including pieces with Adidas. This awe inspiring collection ranked them 2nd for FW22 generating $26.8M in MIV® with the collaboration accounting for $9M. They leveraged Eastern Celebrity Voices this season featuring social placements from Thai actors, Bright and Win Metawin in their FW22 show promotion. 

Similarly, Versace took a Voice-centric approach leveraging their Celebrity and Owned Media Voices, in turn generating an MIV® of $14.4M. As expected, Versace’s runway was dominated by celebrities, like Emily Ratajkowski, Lila Moss, and the Hadid sisters. Alone, Gigi and Bella, generated the luxury house $3.1M in Media Impact Value™, showing that the Versace’s Voice approach is still reinforced strongly by Celebrities.

Milan Fashion Week FW22 top brands by MIV®

Brand Spotlight: Prada

Prada’s high performance this MFW was driven by their strong celebrity activations gaining the brand $31M in MIV®. Not only did their star studded audience contribute largely to their performance, but at least $5.9M MIV® came from placements on their social channels related to their affiliated K-pop stars. Topping the week, 26% of Prada’s total performance came from Eastern celebrities. Notably, members of The Boyz, and Thai actors, Bright and Win Metawin brought in $937K, $934K, and $804K in MIV®.

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week (PFW) generated an impressive $260M in MIV®, a significant increase compared to FW21. Video content remained a key component this season, even with the return to physical shows. Notably, YouTube and TikTok generated $17M and $7M in MIV® respectively for PFW.

Influencers and Celebrities together garnered 26% of PFW’s total MIV®, with K-pop stars bringing immense social media coverage. Following this was Dior generating $41.9M in overall MIV® granting them the top rank for the Fashion Week. Of which, 21% came solely from their Eastern market, with Korea and the Philippines garnering $2.2M and $2M in MIV® thanks to their large K-pop audience.

Similarly, Chanel benefited from K-pop celebrity Voices, landing them 3rd for PFW with $22.5M in MIV®. Through media buzz, BLACKPINK member Jennie’s front row appearance single handedly generated the luxury house $3.6M in MIV®. Chanel’s approach to utilizing the Media helped generate 64% of their overall Media Impact Value™.

Paris Fashion Week FW22 top brands by MIV®

Brand Spotlight: Balenciaga

This season, Balenciaga’s moving show supporting Ukraine, with commentary on climate change ranked second in MIV®, generating $25.2M throughout the fashion week. As expected the fashion house attained incredible attention with 65% coming from Media Voices. In Balenciaga style, they generated $4.5M in MIV® on Instagram, prior to wiping out their account.

Key takeaways for FW22

  • Part of the season’s success was attributed to brands creating one-of-a-kind experiences and circumstantial moments like, Louis Vuitton’s ‘Louis Dreamhouse’, Balenciaga’s ‘Winter 360’ collection, and the ‘Exquisite Gucci’.
  • With the loosening of restrictions and the return to physical shows, a Voice-centric approach and leveraging of Owned Media channels, Influencers, and Celebrities was prominent. Audience attendees, sponsored promotions, and celebrity catwalks contributed to immense media buzz surrounding events.
  • Brands are taking an inclusive Voice approach in recognizing the relevancy and importance of Key Opinion Leader (KOL) influencers in attracting Eastern audiences by involving them in their Fashion Week campaigns and events.

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