GPS Radar Fashion Week App

GPS RADAR: Your Fashion Week Survival App

Jessica Michault

It’s that time of the year again!

Fashion month is about to begin and for top fashion editors, stylists and influencers that means relying on GPS Radar. Launched in 2006, the site and app have made the lives of leaders in the industry run more smoothly and efficiently. The platform schedules their events, gets them to the shows on time and helps them stay in the loop on all the latest runway looks.

This summer GPS Radar went through its own fashion makeover. The site now has a curated editorial feed, tags each runway image to build better mood boards or request samples and tracks breaking news press releases. The GPS Radar app has also been updated and streamlined to make it even easier to guide top tier guests away from any fashion month pitfalls.

Here is a blow by blow of some of GPS Radar’s features:

RSVP to all your Events

From viewing the complete global fashion calendar, to browsing upcoming fashion events, the Events channel provides users with a better understanding of what's happening in the fashion world.

Through the app, you’re able to quickly request invites and RSVP to your favorite fashion events, as well as access your barcodes and seat assignments for a speedy check-in. For optimizing travels and transportations, you can now map directions to the event location and import events to your phone’s calendar for quick reminders.

Fashion Hack:  Make sure to turn on push notifications on the GPS Radar app so that you’re always alerted to any updates or changes to your favorite events!

Browse The Hottest Galleries

Who doesn’t love browsing and aweing over the latest images of runway looks and collections? Thanks to the revamped GPS Radar app users can enjoy options like favorites, which allows you to bookmark images for a later view at your convenience. Then there is the search function, it gives you the opportunity to search and see image details including designer, season, collections, or search tags such as themes or prints. You can also share images, so you can upload onto your Instagram feed, post on Facebook or tweet your followers all your favorite looks.

All of this can be done on-the-go while rushing to the next show or sitting in the front row waiting for one to start.

View Your Brand Press Room

With the latest update, brand profiles will now be made available on the GPS Radar app. Users can search and browse brand profiles and view their latest updates, galleries, press releases, as well as related articles.

Brand Alert:  Did you know that brand profile pages on GPS Radar are free? Get in touch with us to apply and set up your brand profile today!

Gucci Radar Profile

Build Your GPS Radar Community

What makes GPS Radar so special is how it connects the exclusive members-only community of over 40,000 Fashion, Luxury, and Cosmetics industry insiders. Our newly enhanced app has built-in functionalities that can help you expand your fashion network by searching for other GPS Radar users. View their latest articles and posts and favorite stories to read later.

The latest update will be made available on September 4th. For our current GPS Radar community, make sure you update your app to the most recent version so that you can experience the new cutting edge GPS Radar app as you take fashion month head on.

For those who have yet joined our growing community, we’d love to invite you to apply here and start connecting with other leaders in the fashion industry.

Fashion Month is hard work. Let GPS Radar help lighten the load, reduce your stress levels and give you some extra seconds, minutes and hours. Time you can spend taking a deep breath, grabbing a much needed coffee or even getting home a bit earlier. The clock is ticking...the fashion month is just around the corner.


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