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Green and Sustainable Fashion

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Sustainability has become one of the most important features in fashion. Whether the focus is on renewable materials, minimizing environmental impact, or reducing waste, being green is now of the highest importance. According to Forbes most sustainable companies of 2016, four of your most recognizable fashion brands have upped their game in sustainable fashion.

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“Sport Needs Space”

That is the slogan Adidas has adopted to drive its campaign in sustainability. The vision for green practices at Adidas is a holistic one. We need fields and mountains and rivers and air to climb, swim in, and play on. Without a clean earth with open-spaces, sport will die. Adidas focuses on improving its sustainable practices to preserve the earth as a playing space.

Adidas has tackled issues like human rights, using sustainable materials, energy efficiency, and responsibly supply chaining. They have even gone a step further, now auditing the suppliers of their suppliers for compliance with human rights and environmental regulations.


“Sharing Beauty with All”

L’Oreal’s Sharing Beauty with All campaign targets issues like responsible chemical formulas for their products and achieving Zero Deforestation. This company is pushing to have improved the sustainability of 100% of its products in the next four years. L’Oreal also institutes “Green Chemistry,” which is a concept of inventing new molecules that are environmentally friendly. They are using renewable materials and reducing consumption.

Additionally, L’Oreal has taken a much more impactful step against animal testing. While L’Oreal itself stopped performing product safety testing on animals in the late 1980’s, in 2013 the company made the final decision to eliminate partnerships with the testing companies that continued to perform animal testing. L’Oreal now uses “predictive” testing models for safety in their products.


“H&M Conscious”

H&M believes that fashion should look good and do good. This company has upped its game in sustainability, both internally and with participation from their customers. In 2013 the company launched its garment collection program, which invites consumers to return their last-season, no-longer-wear-it clothing to any H&M location instead of throwing them away. They also have started Clevercare, which teachers consumers more eco-friendly ways to care for their clothes.

H&M has integrated an extensive policy on natural resources as well. This includes reductions in water and energy usage and sustainable cotton usage.


“Beyond Our Limits”

At Kering it’s all about sourcing. Where are our things coming from? Are our suppliers eco-responsible? How sustainable are the materials? This luxury company provides many products that are made of animal hide and precious gems or metals. Kering has become very active verifying that all of its suppliers are providing their products by both sustainable and ethical means. For precious skins and furs, this means ensuring that the skins are not being supplied by wild poaching. For gold and diamonds, this means that all their precious gems and metals come from verified mining operations that do not have harmful impacts on the environment or local communities.

The campaign also extends to energy and water usage, as well as green packaging. They also made the pledge to completely eliminate the use of PVC by 2016.

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