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How DLX PR Agency simplified Public Relations Management: From Events to Sample Management

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Technology has changed the way that public relations operates, as well as the fashion sector at large, pushing it towards a full digital transformation. PR managers must adapt to these changes quickly to make sure that brand's get the best results possible. 

Effective public relations management needs to be swift - both proactive and reactive in order to leverage the best opportunities for clients. Embracing digitization is the smoothest way forward to remain on top of events, samples, and press opportunities in a space where a request requires an instant response. A less-than-quick reaction from a PR manager to a press or influencer request can result in a major missed coverage opportunity for fashion brands.

Close attention must also be paid to internal workflows to ensure they are optimized, with easy communication and coordination between teams. In this sector, designing a streamlined experience for all event guests, consumers, and stakeholders - including the media and influencers - is vital to creating top brand experiences that make a mark.

At a time when companies in the fashion sector were trying to adapt and plan more 360-degree strategies, and therefore preparing to invest more in digital tools, even prior to the pandemic - DLX was making moves to simplify their public relations management.

The international lifestyle agency that specializes in PR, digital strategies, and events for fashion and beauty brands, decided to take action to ensure the smooth expansion of their company. When DLX opened its second office in New York in 2018, they knew it was imperative to maintain the quality of services provided to its clients.

As a PR agency, they had to consider how to expertly simplify their processes while continuing to create unique experiences for their clients. DLX Co-Founder Wassim Saliba and his team determined that technology was the key to this evolution and streamlining their PR activities, as explained in the video below. 

Interview with DLX Co-Founder Wassim Saliba

From editorial photoshoots to the preparation of launch events, at DLX every day is a commitment to achieve excellence for client campaigns, and technology helped make this possible. Traditional PR has evolved considerably, moving towards digitization, and this new age agency has prioritized leveraging digital tools to ensure that all their efforts are successful towards the bottom line for their clients in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. DLX has incorporated Launchmetrics’ technology in the digitization process of their agency, and one of these tools for sample management has helped drive their success.  

public relations management.

Streamlining the sample's journey for success

One of the main challenges a PR Agency can encounter is to efficiently and quickly answer requests and organize sample products fast in order to not miss a potential coverage opportunity. For companies like DLX, they need to give their fashion clients the best opportunity for good coverage and in high quantities - which can be a game-changer for a brand by generating major Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) and ultimately return on investment (ROI). 

The chances of leveraging that value are increased when effective sample management is prioritized, and for DLX Founder Wassim, there are three major benefits; “[Samples] technology helps us keep track of the samples, reduce loss, and maximize opportunities.”

By digitizing their entire sample workflow, they were able to easily receive requests and ensure that top press choices will get their items first. Particularly following a client’s collection launch or fashion show, they need to ensure that no time is wasted with back and forth communication, or searching for samples, and a quick turnaround is made for best results. Keeping a track of client samples is also crucial to avoid wasting resources, time, and money by minimizing sample loss. 

Effective event management unlocks the door to success

Public Relations Management

As DLX continues to grow and following its expansion into the US, many more opportunities come with such a development that must be leveraged to make event success for their agency and its clients. 

Managing invitees and making sure to bring the Voices (Media, Celebrities, Influencers, Partners, Owned Media) which can drive conversations around a brand and their marketing campaigns is essential. 

Organization is key in pulling off a seamless event (whether digital or physical) so it’s important not to miss anything in the initial planning phase. Using an Events Management software helps with the organization of your event, creating a digital space where you can list all of your event details from the name, location, description, and more. For agencies like DLX, these kinds of tools can help reach client goals faster and bring success while adapting to the constantly changing landscape of events and its public relations management.

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