How Do You Know If Your Events Are Really Worth It?

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Are Your Events Really Buzzworthy? 

Reality Check: Post-Event Reporting on Influencers’ Impact

Almost all branded events, runway shows, pop up shops and launches have one ultimate goal: to generate the biggest buzz, in hopes of creating an impact that goes far beyond the four walls of the venue. The phrase: “pics or it didn’t happen” has never been more fitting. In this case it’s likes, double taps, retweets, and viral posts.

Social media influencers play a critical role in generating buzz from inside your events to sharing it on their social channels. So, how do you know whether you invited the right influencers—and prove that your event was successful?

Harper’s Bazaar tackled the challenge of measuring the ROI from one of their biggest events of the season. See how the publication evaluated the impact of their Women of the Year Awards.

Post-event analysis doesn’t have to be complicated. Rely less on guesswork, and try using these metrics to evaluate your influencers’ impact.

3 Metrics to use for your Post-Event Analysis

Share of Voice

Just how much buzz is being generated by the influencers invited to your events? This can be measured by how much attention and chatter they created from their event-related posts. The ideal guests will start with one or two posts surrounding your event and let the conversation grow through engagement and interactions from outside voices. Look beyond your influencers’ posts and focus on the impact they’re creating. The goal here isn’t to shout the loudest, but to create the largest buzz.

Engagement Ratio

Now, how do you know if you’ve invited the ideal influencers? The key is to focus on how engaged their follower base is, rather than their sheer reach. An influencer may have 750K followers, but if only 10K of those followers engage with posts about your event, it could indicate your brand doesn’t resonate well with this influencer’s audience. Higher engagement ratios help amplify your events and create the organic buzz you’re looking for.

Audiences Activated

Finally, luxury brands should take a look at the different communities and audiences who were engaged with their events. What were the top keywords and topics associated with the event and whose voices led them? This data allows you to assess the markets you’re resonating with, those that were under reached, and even potential new communities to explore.

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Events are significant investments so it’s important to take the time to properly evaluate success. Assessing the overall impact provides many insights that will help you put on your best showevery single time.  

For more inspiration, download the full case study that demonstrates how Harper’s Bazaar measured the impact of their Women of the Year Awards.harpers-events-launchmetrics

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