How Galleries Can Help Amplify your Content

Charlotte Gillet

The new year has begun, and fashion weeks are returning in style worldwide with bridal, men’s, women’s ready-to-wear, and haute couture, among other segments to be showcased. For fashion brands, the significance of the runway is incontestable. It’s a time for collections to see the light of day, for designers to highlight their creativity and for brands to make noise, stand out and drive a maximum of awareness with Galleries. 

This dynamic environment sets the tone for the importance of content amplification. In other words, it emphasizes the value of each piece of content across multiple channels. After all, this period for brands, no matter how costly, is the time they drive the most reach. To put things in perspective, Women’s Ready-to-Wear FW22 across Paris, Milan, London and New York generated $588M in Media Impact Value™ (MIV®). So, at a time when digitalization remains the most efficient way to reach out to the modern consumer, producing valuable creative brand assets is essential. Nevertheless, publishing a maximum of quality creative content shouldn’t be the only focus; amplifying these assets is just as imperative to ensure they reach maximum impact. A tool like Galleries can help you do just that.

Taking into consideration the amount of content during fashion weeks, brands should focus on maximizing the reach of their content in order to build a maximum of awareness. With so much published content out there, it’s essential for brands to secure as much coverage on their creative assets in order to optimize their value. A good way of doing so is to take advantage of solutions such as Galleries that provide the right data for this kind of amplification.

Using Data to Amplify Content

Every brand puts in a remarkable amount of time and effort in the creation of each collection as well as their showcase during Fashion Week. So making sure that all the right contacts are engaged to cover and promote your creative assets is essential to reach your target audience. Being in possession of a database with a record of who previously showed interest in your content can help marketers and PR teams know who to reach out to at the end of the next Fashion Week. This data would take into account who was downloading your creative assets as well as which press contacts wrote about your content without even being asked to do so. This is especially critical when we take into consideration the fact that around 80% of downloaded visual content occurs within the first 72 hours of the show

Altogether, data is most significant when it comes down to measuring the success of brands during these fashion weeks. However, measuring the return on investment (ROI) is hard to visualize without an applicable metric that would not only consider the brand’s performance but also how it compares with other brands across different markets.

Subsequently, Launchmetrics’ Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) is a monetary figure generated by our proprietary algorithm. This unified metric allows you to quickly understand the value of a placement in a quantifiable manner. So, to name a few, the MIV® of each creative visual asset would be measured according to the number of views, the number of downloads, the number of times it was published, and the number of times it was referred to externally

With all this data at hand, there are two ways in which brands can actually amplify their content: targeted amplification and amplification at scale.

About Galleries

Targeted Amplification

When looking at targeted amplification, having a digital asset management software is a great way to start. Pretty much like a digital lookbook, the purpose is to have complete control over the presentation of your visual assets in a way where you have full control over your storytelling

Launchmetrics’ Galleries offers just that with the ability to access your content whenever you want from wherever you want. Not only is it more time efficient, but it’s also very accessible as you can organize by seasons or by collections as well as share them directly via email. The solution also offers much flexibility with the possibility to create many different folders for limited edition collections or special campaigns. You can even build your own online showroom and integrate your own personalized visual brand identity whilst also tagging each of your assets with product and look descriptions for industry professionals.

Amplification at Scale

In a more widespread reach, amplification at scale allows brands to increase their visibility and maximize their brand awareness. In this case, it’s more about accessing creative visual assets instantly of show coverage from Fashion Weeks across New York, Paris, Milan, London and more. Though less of a curated solution, this form of content amplification works efficiently to spread awareness and quickly share and download content

Launchmetrics’ Spotlight is the largest creative bank in the Fashion, Luxury and Beauty (FLB) sector. Previously known as IMAXtree, the solution allows you to add your own creative assets or also license photos and videos for media and creators. Ultimately, with a database of more than 5 million quality images and videos, the solution is an easy-to-use platform to create instant visual stories that can connect brands with their target audience.

Key Takeaway

Creativity is the driving force behind brand activation, but in order to stay on top of the industry and connected with audiences, brands must analyze data to refine future creative investments."

Melchior Merlin, VP Product – Launch, Launchmetrics

Numerous factors determine the outcome of your content amplification strategies, especially during the intensive periods of fashion weeks. Time is the most crucial factor to prioritize. Getting the right assets to the right Voice as efficiently as possible is essential in ensuring that it gets covered effectively.

Additionally, effectiveness and accessibility are also determining factors, so having everything in one place to be within reach and easily shared facilitates operational excellence. Two more significant factors are flexibility and measurability to not only be able to edit and adjust your content, but also to be able to monitor and track individual performances.

Ultimately, knowing which content pieces were sent out the most, saved, downloaded, and which specific looks had more of an impact. All of this data provided by a solution like Galleries can help brands amplify not only their current creative assets but also their future ones.

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