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Social Media In Fashion: How To Create A Winning Strategy With Snapchat

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Katie Cole

Having Snapchat is, for lack of a better term, like having your own reality show for thousands of your closest friends to see.

Snapchat gives us what we’re not willing to admit we’re dying to see: what people are doing right this very second. It allows us to see the world through someone else’s eyes. You can’t edit a snap (though you can use great filters) and it is one of the most raw forms of social media. In the case of celebrity and company snapchats, it allows us to feel like we’re truly part of their inner circle.

For these reasons and more, fashion brands are beginning to realize the importance of utilizing Snapchat. Companies are now in the same position they were in when Instagram was becoming the platform that everyone was obsessed with – how do you take a new social media channel and turn it into something you can use for demand generation?

Snapchat isn’t Instagramthere are a lot of ways Snapchat brings a new audience and a different feel to those watching. Read on to find out how you can create a social media strategy for your fashion brand with Snapchat.

Brand Strategy for your Brand

Have a goal in mind

As with any other social channel, your goal from having a Snapchat presence should be clear. This helps when determining what kinds of snaps to post – are you looking to build your brand credibility, showcase a new vertical you’re launching, gain new followers, launch a new product, or increase follower engagement? These are all vastly different goals and each requires a different strategy. Really narrow down what your Snapchat goal is and you’ll have a much better idea of where to get started.

Follow other’s and take note

Before you even start snapping, take a look at what others major players in the fashion industry are doing on Snapchat – and who’s doing it well. Social media in fashion is already huge, so you don’t want to be just another fish in an ocean. Take a look at other brands’ Snapchats and take notes about what you like from each. Do you want to create a filter for consumers in order to raise awareness about your brand? Take a look at how Urban Decay and Benefit utilized that function. Do you want to invite consumers to an event you’re hosting? Follow Alexander Wang and see what they’re doing. Do some snooping on Google and follow the accounts that are doing something similar to you.

Dare to be creative

The audience on Snapchat is definitively younger than on other social media channels, so feel free to play around and get a little more fun and quirky with the content you post. Using fun filters, emojis and even drawing on Snapchat can be useful tools to keep your younger audience engaged. Valentino has embraced the younger audience by experimenting with all kinds of creative Snapchats.

Valentino Brand Snapchat

Test a “takeover”

Snapchat takeovers are a great way to get another person’s network to engage with yours. Whether you’re having a celebrity or a well-known blogger take over your Snapchat, make sure that they announce the takeover on their own Snapchat. Their followers will then engage and follow you on Snapchat, thus creating an even larger audience for your brand!

Give a peek into what goes on behind-the-scenes

One of the big reasons people love Snapchat is because it gives a true look into what goes on behind the scenes of their favorite brands or into the lives of their favorite celebrities. So don’t be afraid to snap normal, everyday things! Snap the team lunch, how everyone gets their day started, a happy hour, etc. These are the kind of activities that make users feel even more connected to your brand.

Snap regularly

Users like to see somewhat regular updates on Snapchat – but don’t go overboard. While they don’t need to see what’s going on in every single meeting, make it a priority to snap at least a few times a week throughout the day to keep your brand at the top of users’ minds. Marc Jacobs does a great job of snapping frequently enough that it’s engaging, but not a total overload.

Be interactive

Brands like Bloomingdales and even Taco Bell have done a great job at actively involving their followers with their Snapchats. Bloomingdales often has followers choose where they should go on an “adventure” for the day and what outfits they’ll wear. Encouraging users to participate or send you snaps of themselves wearing your brand or talking about your brand gets them even more involved – they’ll feel like they have a real impact and voice in building your brand.

Social media in fashion is a big pond – but with new platforms like Snapchat taking off and becoming increasingly important, there are lots of ways to stand out from other brands. We suggest that you experiment, see what others are doing, ask for advice and test the Snapchat waters. There are various ways to utilize the platform and gain more engagement with your customers.

Cheat Sheet to Snapchat

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  2. How to see if someone has viewed your story
  3. What the trophies mean
  4. How to chat


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