How Will Raf Simons Impact Calvin Klein?

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Launchmetrics Content Team

There were rumors everywhere, but two weeks ago Calvin Klein finally confirmed that Raf Simons will be their new Chief Creative Officer. Simons was previously the Creative Director at Dior and Calvin Klein will be his first adventure in American fashion.

Simons will be taking over the entire Calvin Klein brand - not a small feat for the former Dior designer. The last time that one person led the creative vision for all of Calvin Klein’s brands was when Klein himself was in the position, so needless to say, Simons has got some big shoes to fill.

We believe that Simons will succeed in his new role with Calvin Klein and bring a few new, exciting ideas to the brand. Below are some of the strongest results we think Simons’ will deliver at Calvin:

Ramped-up Accessories

When you think of accessories, chances are your mind doesn’t immediately jump to Calvin Klein. Simons introduced the Diorama bag at Dior, so we have a feeling that might be a project he takes on at Calvin. After all, a sought-after bag is still one of the high points of luxury fashion today. 

Improved Menswear

If we know one thing, it’s that Simons is great when it comes to menswear. He began his designing career with menswear, waiting 10 years until he began designing for women. Since Simons will be responsible for all sections of the Calvin Klein brands, we’re hoping he gives the men’s line a big update quality wise.

“Cool Kids” Mentality

Simons is known for his futuristic, cool and sleek designs, which means that his mindset is a perfect fit for Calvin. The Calvin Klein brand has always had the auora of cool surrounding it (anyone remember those Obsession ads with a naked Kate Moss?) and Simons will no doubt keep that front and center in his designs. Simons was trained as a furniture designer, so it’s not a surprise where his polished lines and minimalistic designs come from.

Improvements to Quality

If we’re being honest, Calvin Klein has gotten a bit lost in the fashion industry. While Calvin used to be a name synonymous with sweatshirts, denim and tailoring, nowadays you’re more likely to associate those words with a brand like Balenciaga. Hopefully, Simons will be able to bring his eye for impeccable tailoring to the brand to up the quality of their pieces. The brand needs to get an upgrade in the quality department in order to be viewed in the same category as brands like Balenciaga and Dior and the way to do that is through quality and innovating designing.

Change in the Fashion Industry

Simons famously left Dior over the lack of work-life balance he was experiencing, but it seems that he is going to take on even more work at Calvin Klein. Either Simons has gone back on his desire for more work-life balance or perhaps he’s going to change the industry standard? If he’s thinking of changing the way the fashion industry works and produces clothing, it would be a revolutionary move on his part. If he’s just decided work-life balance is overrated - that’s a little less exciting.

As NYFW gets closer and closer, we can’t wait to see what Simons will debut for Calvin Klein. It was a great move on Calvin Klein’s part to bring him in and hopefully it will be the beginning of a wonderful partnership between the brand and the designer.

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